Observer’s Log Stardate 2014.1

A New Hope

Another year has been entered into the record books and now we stand on the precipice of possibility.  A new year lies before us, and with it limitless potential for all we might do.  In honor of that and the resolutions people all over the world make for the New Year.  I have a few of my own resolutions I’d like to share, if you would all be so kind as to indulge me.

My husband and I thought long on these, and after whittling the overabundance of resolutions down, we agreed that these were some of the best resolutions we could make, not only for the betterment of ourselves but also the betterment of the world as a whole.

In the coming year I will try my very best:

To not curse FOX and all its board members every time someone yells “Bring Back Firefly!”

To refrain from repeated attempts at summoning the Great Old Ones every time someone pronounces it as Kat-hulu.  It’s Chuthlu (khûl-lhoo) and all you do is  anger him when you get it wrong.

To be open-minded about alternative lifestyles and accept that not everyone owns multiple sets of polyhedral dice… or even knows what they are.

To remember that deep down we are all people, even if some do like 4E.

Not to sweat the small stuff, especially when it’s only a millimeter which allowed those Chaos Demons to charge my left flank.

To watch what I eat so less of it gets on the table.

Never again to ask on a message board who is better? Kirk or Picard… Oh drat, I just did.  Fine, staring now… and don’t even speak to me about Bakula.

To drop some extra weight – I never fielded that unit of snipers in my army anyway…  Oh, they’re coming out with new sniper scuplts!

To help others learn how to paint… starting with the basecoat on my newly primed models.

To not roll my eyes when someone claims not to see a difference between tentacle pink and emperor’s children pink.  They are completely different colors!

To not gloat too much when I roll a nat. 20… ok, that’s not happening.

To cut back on fist bumps and to refrain from “blowing it up” except in cases of nat. 20’s.

To recognize each of us as the unique, special little snowflakes we all are and to remember what happens to unique, special little snowflakes above 32° F.

To put away the heat gun.

To consider other peoples’ points of view… there’s no way your squad can see mine and the laser pointer will prove it!

To spend more time with family… Provided they sign up early enough on the tournament sheet.

To save money… by reading reviews before I buy that new unit.

To quit drinking… over expensive source books.  Those chai stains are never coming out.

To eat less… a common meal is more than enough, especially given the vow of poverty my paladin has taken.

To spend the build points required so that my barbarian will not end up with hacklust.

To not cast cloudkill on the party ever again… maybe.

To remember that Strad is a magic user… not just a vampire.

To always trust a vampire… unless he sparkles in which case he needs to die… sort of now-ish.

To remember that boarding another person’s frigate is acceptable, boarding their Mazda is not.

Sorry I seem to have lost myself for a moment there.  I’m back now.  Seriously though a new year is a great time to make promises, not only to the world at large, but more importantly to yourself.  Learn the new skills you have been meaning to learn, change something about yourself you have been hoping to change.  Even, or should I say especially, if it is changing that you feel you need to change who you are.

Geek, nerd, weirdo, if you’re anything like me you have heard them all, and at a time they might even have hurt.  There was a time when there would have been nothing better than to fit in and feel safe and cozy in my own skin.  Only as I have gotten older have I come to realize that my skin fits me perfectly.  I am all those things and more, but that’s okay, because when you get right down to it, everyone is to someone else.  Everyone has the things they obsess about, maybe even go a little crazy for.  That is what makes us each special little snowflakes.  If I wasn’t me than who would be?  Who would fill the special gap in the world that only the tetris block that is me can fit?

So I guess my real resolution is to try and pass on some of my wisdom, as random as it may be.  To try and help when I can and at the very least do no harm… to myself or others.  The prior being the harder promise to keep.  Be yourself.  Happily embrace all your quirks and foibles and know that they are what make you different from all the other snowflakes of humanity.

If nothing else I hope you had a laugh or two, and I hope that my resolutions made your year start with a smile.  A very safe and happy 2014 to all those out there in cyberland.  Stay safe and warm as winter rages on, curl up with a good book, your favorite mug of Mot’loch, play a game or two ( I hear Star Trek Fleet Captains is good), let one of your favorite shows take you out to the black, however you prefer to ride out the snowy nights.

Stay tuned for next month when I will get back to the more serious stuff, with a convention right around the corner at the end of February, I will be talking about convention prep.  Things to bring, how to make the most of your experience and some of the common pit falls to avoid.


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