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We’ve talked a bit before about getting involved in Star Trek fandom, but I wanted to talk a bit more about the potential for helping others in the name of Gene Roddenberry’s vision. So how can you get involved?

First, if you want to become a member of a fan group, there are many to choose from, even if it means starting a new chapter in your area. (There is also nothing wrong with getting a group of friends together who share your love of Trek–and have costumes or uniforms–to do something on your own.)

If you want to give back to your community, here are a few ideas:

Collecting for Charity

  • Search for a local walk, race, or other event to raise funds for a cause near to your heart, and participate in costume.
  • If you’re running a fan table at a convention or other event, collect donations in a jar or in exchange for something like a sticker, patch, t-shirt, or even a photo-op.
  • Arrange a showing of a sci-fi film, TV series marathon in exchange for monetary donations and/or non-perishable goods to bring to your local food pantry. Can’t Stop The Serenity is a great example of this on a large scale.
  • Straight-up throw a charity event, or find one to participate in. Check out the 1701st Fleet’s Starfleet USO Show.


  • Contact your local children’s hospital and see if you are able to schedule an appearance. Nothing will brighten a kid’s day more than a Klingon or Borg showing up, right?
  • It’s not charity, but sign up to volunteer at your local conventions. You’ll save on membership costs, help it run smoothly and be a good experience for everyone, and your local fan community will appreciate it.

Blood Drives

Mandalorians vs. Andorians at Galaxy Blood Drive 2013 in Providence, RI. Photo by Ryder Windham (pictured center)

Mandalorians vs. Andorians at Galaxy Blood Drive 2013 in Providence, RI. Photo by Ryder Windham (pictured center)

Organize or participate in a blood drive. If you are unable to donate, you can still help out at the event.

Make it a competition and ask donors a fun question you can tally, like if they support Starfleet or Klingons.

One such event is the Galaxy Blood Drive, where donors were asked to choose Star Wars or Star Trek.

Many conventions have blood drives you can donate at as well. If you do donate at a con, make sure you are well-fed, hydrated, and have slept enough.

Representing Trek Well

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are representing Trek fans, your organization, if any, and yourself well. Be friendly and engaging, and save the shenanigans for after hours.

If you are recruiting and someone is curious about what you do, avoid any kind of “geek gatekeeping” or elitist quips, even if you do hold a strong opinion about a particular film or series. Strive to have a welcoming presence to potential new members, especially potentially underrepresented fans like women, GSRM (gender/sexual/romantic minority) folks, and people of color.

Thanks for reading this month’s article, and I hope you’re feeling inspired to help out with the needs of the many!

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