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This month I’m going to talk about something you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’ll admit it, maybe you won’t: Your very own Starfleet uniform.

Unfortunately, it’ll be a few hundred years before you can earn yours, but there are a few other options. First, you have to know what you want? TOS, The Wrath of Khan, TNG, DS9/Voyager, First Contact, STO, Reboot Trek, or something else altogether?

Rubie's Star Trek UniformsThe easiest option is dropping less than $50 on a Halloween costume-grade uniform. There’s nothing wrong with this; it’s a great option if you don’t think you’ll wear it often, or cost is an issue and you can’t construct one on your own. These can be easily found at many party supply or costume stores, or on eBay. The main concern with these costumes is that there is a noticeable difference in quality; they are made of low-grade materials and may not fit well without being altered.

There are many patterns available online, produced in the quest to get that perfect Starfleet-issue look. If you can sew–or pay someone to–making your own uniform is probably the best option. People come in all shapes and sizes, and a tailor-made uniform will flatter you no matter what your corporeal dimensions are. One great source of patterns is the shop at; they also sell completed TOS uniforms. Patterns can also be found elsewhere online–either fan-made or old Simplicity patterns.

Starfleet Design GuideWhen making your uniform, you will sometimes have to choose between what looks authentic, what is economical, and what’s available in your area. The good thing is, there are many fabric sellers online you can browse in addition to your local fabric stores.

If you are just learning to sew, or you don’t have the space or desire to, you can find someone who takes commissions. Put out a request on a forum like Star Trek Uniforms and Costumes or one of the many Facebook groups devoted to Star Trek costuming. Making a costume from scratch isn’t easy, so be prepared to part with a fair amount of cash for a handmade uniform.

Sometimes it’s good to talk with others who have made their own and can advise you on fabric choices and other concerns. Try contacting your local chapter of Starfleet International and ask to be put in touch with their quartermaster.

Finally, Anovos sells a variety of licensed, screen-accurate uniforms–you’ll get good, predictable results but at a decent investment.

What would be your ideal Starfleet uniform?

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