inDevelopment – Making the Most of Your Con Experience

Welcome to another installment of inDevelopment! This month we’re going to share how we make Andorian Ale, plus some tips that will help you to save money when staying at a hotel for a convention. The three of us are vegan, have food intolerances (the last thing you want to do is get sick at a con), and need to budget our money anyway–so we’ve come up with some tricks over the years.

Vynni, Ell, and Lissan

Drinking some Ale in the Peachtree Center food court at Dragon*Con 2012; Original photo by Adam B.

Please be careful and use common sense when cooking with appliances, and make sure your roommates aren’t severely allergic to anything you’re cooking or eating.

With Star Trek Las Vegas coming up in August, share your money-saving convention tips in the comments!

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