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Welcome to another edition of inDevelopment!

It’s that time of year again; the holidays! Some of us can’t get our trees up fast enough to adorn them with collectible Trek ornaments we’ve gathered throughout the years, while others dread the onslaught of shoppers (and, if you’re in retail, customers).

Maybe you’re in both camps. Either way, here are some DIY gift ideas for the Trek fans in your life. Making gifts, if you can find the time, is both super thoughtful and cost-effective. If that’s not your thing though, scroll down for a few more ideas:


Trek Stockings
These Star Trek Stockings by Ilia at Craftster are a great start–and could be a good first sewing project while convention season takes a break.


TOS Menorah
A little late for this year, but, for the solder-happy, Evil Mad Scientist sells a few different LED Menorah Kits that can be used to make this work of art. A perfect use for the PEZ Collector’s Sets people who know you like Star Trek keep gifting you.


adorpheus' Bows
Chances are, there is someone in your life who would appreciate a pretty bow. Especially if it’s a Star Trek bow. Check out the pattern adorpheus (aka our Andorian compatriate, Lissan) has available on Venture Cosplay! Jo-Ann Fabrics has licensed Star Trek fabric available here and here.


TNG Potholders
Are you a knitter? Ilana of Off The Hook Astronomy has a free pattern for these great TNG potholders up on her blog!


The Star Trek Craft Book
Find more great craft ideas in The Star Trek Craft Book! Or, give it as a gift to someone you know who likes making things.


Not the crafty type? Here are a few more gift ideas:


A Very Klingon Khristmas
A Very Klingon Khristmas by Paul Ruditis and Patrick Faracy looks like a great way to start a new tradition with your family. I’m not even kidding–I need this in my life.


Star Trek Stellar Cartography book
Larry Nemecek’s new Star Trek Stellar Cartography book and map set has large, full-color maps of systems from the Star Trek Universe. It’d be a perfect coffee table book. Especially if this is your coffee table. Which, of course, would be a pretty great present too.


Stardate Collection
Another great gift idea is the Stardate Collection Blu-Ray Set, which includes all the pre-reboot films.


Hope your holidays are fun and stress-free. Qapla’!

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