inDevelopment – Andorian Makeup Tutorial, Part One

Greetings, Captains! For this month’s inDevelopment, adorpheus has put together part one of a video series showing the basics of how to apply Andorian (or Orion, et cetera) makeup. We’ll be filming part two as we prepare for #TrekBOS this weekend. Let us know if there’s anything specific you want us to cover. Enjoy!

Here are some links to the products adorpheus talks about in her video:

Don’t forget our posts on how to stock your makeup case and making TOS-style Andorian antennae!

And, if you too want to be an Andorian, join us on The Andorian Mining Consortium. Because, y’know, we run from no one.

Ell and adorpheus, for inDevelopment

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adorpheus: Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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