History of the Future – The Tragic Irony of Ambassador B’Vat

B’Vat, son of Warat. The one of the most distinguished figures in modern Klingon history. Before the advent of the events that led to his disappearance and in official Klingon files, Missing In Action, B’Vat was a revered figure as a war hero and mentor to numerous high-ranking Klingon officials, including Chancellor J’mpok. However, prior to J’mpok’s rise to power, B’Vat’s background is known only to a few and relatively few facts has been released. B’Vat would soon be revealed as a leader and final member of a secret faction to has guided the Klingon Empire for the past three centuries.

Our first encounter with the infamous B'Vat

Our first encounter with the infamous B’Vat

In 2265, B’vat was the head of house and in command of the IKS Quv, a D-7 class battlecruiser. The Quv led an attack on the Gliese Colony (according to the Klingons, it was unsubstantiated). The USS Reuben James ,a Constitution-class heavy cruiser was sent to find the Quv. The Quv would fight a number of Duras warships at the Drozana Station. During the battle, the Quv tried to ram one of the ships, but due to the Quv’s damage, the suicide run failed.

At this time, House B’Vat was in feud with House Duras when members of the House killed his brother. B’Vat would exclaim that he would see the destruction of numerous Duras vessels. There is a rumor that B’vat helped financed Gowron’s rise to power and B’vat financed a number of attempts to bring down Chancllor Martok.

In 2270, B’Vat commanded the IKS Worvig, a warship from the future brought to him by future B’vat’s men and he would use the recordings of the Na’kuhl to work with his future self. He believed that LT Miral Paris would bring the cure to the Augment virus. He sees that his future self has strayed from the honorable path and has become a disgrace. B’Vat left the Worvig after Starfleet officers from the future allowed him to escape.

In 2389, B’Vat’s son, K’das, was murdered by Aakan of House Mo’kai. This led to the extinction of House Mo’kai by B’vat’s forces. In 2393, B’Vat was appointed J’mpok’s Arbiter of Succession and ruled that J’mpok. At the beginning of 2409, B’Vat was an Ambassador and an Admiral.

An excerpt from B’Vat’s Unauthorized Biography by S’tal, son of Marvis. [The Event took place during the Klingon Civil War (2367-68)]
…..Captain B’Vat, the son of Warat, the Governor of Qu’Vat, vouched for the position of Kahless’ Tip [Humans call it the Forlorn Hope] for a strike against the Duras stronghold of Maht’Ha. With the death of his mate at the Duras attack on Qu’Vat, B’Vat was seething for a chance at vengeance. ………With Starfleet interfering and depriving B’vat of his vengeance, B’Vat went into a self-exile.

Personal’s War against the UFP
Part I: Blockade of Regulus IV
In the early half of 2409, a peace conference was orchestrated on the independent world of Regulus IV, in the Regulus Block between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets. After a resurgent Federation push that defeated the KDF and allied forces in the Sirius Block, the conference was approved by the Chancellor and a delegation led by Ambassador Kas was sent to Regulus. Kas made a request that LT Miral Paris, the chief tactical officer of the USS Kirk, an Exeter-class cruiser, in belief to help smooth things over.

Ambassador B’Vat hired Orion mercenaries to blockade the planet and he ordered the team to the surface in order to take the Federation delegation as hostages. The Orions used the communication satellites in orbit as way to boost their jamming of the system’s communications. The Orions were misled into thinking that Starfleet was trying interfere in the negotiations. LT Paris was able to escape the embassy and met up with Starfleet reinforcements.

B’Vat’s forces planted explosives around the Federation’s embassy compound. After his ground troops were defeated, B’Vat personally led a counter-attack against the Federation’s reinforcements, but he was defeated when Ambassador Kas assisted the Federation. Kas’ House was feuding B’Vat’s House and B’Vat used the peace conference to try and kill Kas along with prolonging the war. One a side note, he does not believe in the prophecy of the Kuvah’magh.

Part II: Incident at Treasure Trading Station
Marta, a house slave in service with House B’Vat contacted Starfleet about a secret facility of B’Vat. She went to the Treasure Trading Station where she was captured by Captain Urthog with the help of Qaris, the station’s administrator. Urthog had the station’s administrator to cover for the prisoners that B’vat was holding on the station in cargo bay six. Urthog’s ship, the IKS Sarpek, was holding orbit near the station and awaiting the prisoners. Qaris would claimed to be subverted by Urthog. A Starfleet team was able to rescue her and kill Urthog. The Sarpek would try to retaliate against the Starfleet vessel, but the ship was destroyed in the attempt. Marta would give the location of the facility in the Hromi Cluster.

The Lure of Marta

The Lure of Marta

According to Marta, B’vat’s diplomacy comes the from end of a disruptor and he was willing to keep the war going on no matter the cost. He has plans for time travel, ancient weapons, and illegal technology. B’vat is very smart and he is a planner.

Part III: B’Vat’s Secret Weapons Facility
B’Vat was misleading various scientists to go to a secret weapons facility in the Briar Patch. Twenty scientists were lured away and when their research was completed, B’vat would execute them. Using the information from Marta, Starfleet was able lead a raid on the facility and free the scientists. B’Vat fled from the area. However, Marta was revealed as B’vat’s spy, but the facility’s computer core was captured.

According to one of the scientists, B’vat felt that the Klingon Empire would tear itself apart if the Empire didn’t have a common enemy.

Part IV: Battle of Imaga
B’Vat was able to use information he gained from a Na’Kuhl recordings from three centuries prior. B’Vat discovered the machine in the T’ong Nebula with information from his secret “future” source. B’Vat gathered his fleet in the Donia System, where he built a secret base to service his ships for strikes into Federation space. Another Klingon agent, K’Valk, gave information to Starfleet about the secret base.

In order to protect the secret base in Imaga from outside assault, Breen energy weapons were installed throughout the system and the system was upgraded with To’Duj-class fighters as unmanned defense drones. The Targ was used to disable the systems after landing a team on the planet.

K’Valk would commandeer a shuttlecraft and tried to ram the shuttle into the machine, but failed. A Starfleet task force arrived and disabled the fleet while they were in drydock. The IKS Targ was site the of mutiny led by K’Valk, the first officer. The mutiny failed and K’valk was the only survivor. The Targ was ordered to Imaga for K’Valk to be brought before B’Vat. Due to the aftermath of the mutiny, the Targ, was captured and used by Starfleet officers to infiltrate a secret base on Imaga. K’Valk destroyed the machine that B’Vat was using to control the device.

The (confusing) Battle of Imaga, the first cooperation between the two great powers in a generation.

The (confusing) Battle of Imaga, the first cooperation between the two great powers in a generation.

A joint effort by Starfleet and the KDF were able to destroy the device. However, the Battle of Imaga was a very confusing affair where KDF and Starfleet fought each other as much as fighting the machine, but the Targ was able to use a Hach’peng torpedo and destroyed the machine. K’men, the commander of the KDF fleet, was able to stop the infighting and took charge of retunring the Targ.

Part V: The Gateway Incident
B’Vat ordered his remaining fleet to go to the Gateway System. B’Vat would use genetically enhanced soldiers from Amar Singh to land on the planet. Along the way, a squadron of vessel attacked and boarded the USS Kirk in the JFS-47 System to kidnap LT Paris led by Captain Targan, commander of the IKS Baj, for helping to cure the Augment virus. The Baj was damaged by Starfleet reinforcements, but went to the Gateway System. The Baj was destroyed in battle over the planet after transporting Paris to the surface.

A Guardian's Return.

A Guardian’s Return.

A Starfleet team beamed to the surface and battled against B’Vat’s forces that occupied the area around the Guardian of Forever. However, B’Vat was able to go back in time to the year, 2270, with Paris as a hostage.

Part VI: Back to the Past
Upon entering the Guardian, B’Vat in command of the IKS Worvig was fighting against the USS Enterprise. The Starfleet vessel from the future was able to force the Worvig to retreat to the Oleum System. Using LT Paris’ commbadge signal, the Worvig was disabled and boarded.

Ambassador B’Vat would fight to the end and he would die in a hail of weapons fire. B’Vat died a warrior, a misguided one, but he would meet his end like a true Klingon. The doors of Gre’thor opens. The last remnants of B’Vat’s war would end in a fiery scuttling. Before the 2270 B’Vat left, he was given a sample of Paris’ blood in order to cure the virus in past. A trio of Klingon warships was sent to re-capture Paris at the Gateway planet, but with the intervention of the Enterprise, the future Starfleet vessel was able to escape back to the future.

Part VII: Reflections
The irony of B’vat’s actions opened the door for the war between the Federation and Klingon Empire to resolved more peacefully and eventually allies. During the last year of his life, B’Vat became more and more paranoid. Yet, B’vat took actions to the extreme in order to save the Empire in his eyes. Complacency and peace were more detrimental to the Empire to any physical enemy. He would die believing that all of his actions were for the Empire, but he was blind to the consequences of his actions that even his past self would come to see as misguided and shameful.

Eventually the KDF and Starfleet would start doing joint missions that helped bring down a new Borg threat and formed a brand-new Romulan nation. There shall always be new adventures and threats to challenge young and veteran Klingon warriors for years to come. As Kahless the Unforgettable once said “A Leader is judged not by the length of his reign but by his decisions”

Excerpt from B’Vat’s Speech before the Academy Class of 2408
I don’t want to tell you that the Federation is the complete antithesis to what it means to be a Klingon! I don’t want to tell you that peace weakens our strength and eats at our honor! I will tell you that in order to enter the Halls of Gre’thor, you must fight for you house, your honor, for the Empire!

Key Personnel
Chancellor J’mpok– The current Chancellor owes his position to the mentorship to B’Vat. He chose B’Vat as his Arbiter of Sucession, who ruled in favor of J’mpok over Drex, son of Martok. J’mpok supported B’Vat’s ambitions of expanding the Empire. One of J’mpok’s first actions was to expand the Gorn War. By 2409, J’mpok and B’Vat would part ways after nearly three decades of war. J’mpok agreed to start negotiations with the Federation and this led to B’Vat to begin his plans to prolong the war. J’mpok sent a fleet to stop B’vat at Imaga.

Amar Singh– Singh was a researcher who would try to combine Klingon and Gorn DNA to form a master race at his research lab on H’atoria. He was ultimately captured and imprisoned by Starfleet. B’Vat was able to obtain some of his end results for his assault on the Gateway planet.

K’valk– K’Valk’s house has a been a loyal ally to House B’Vat and a K’Valk ancestor was the recorder of meetings with the Na’kuhl. K’Valk would carry on the family tradition of allying with House B’Vat and he would attend personal meetings with B’Vat. When he learned of B’Vat’s plans, he felt that B’Vat using a coward’s way, rather than an honorable one. He felt that B’Vat was obsessed with conflict and who did not want the Empire to become stagnate.

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