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On June 20th of this year, The Dilithium Mine fleet holding launched on Holodeck. In order to get to tier one of the mine you have to use a ton of resources.  If you have a large fleet of full time captains, this can take no time at all.  But what if you have a fleet that’s almost died out?  Can you build a fleet holding all by yourself?  On October 15, 2013, I finished adding resources for a Tier One mine. On October 20th, the mine will be open.
My name is Thomas Townley, My main character in STO is Vice Admiral Dowskod Enblez and I’m the Fleet Admiral of The Northstar Fleet.
When the mine project launched on June 20th of this year I was interested, here was something that would bring down the cost of building the fleet holdings.  The fleet I’m in, The Northstar Fleet  is a small fleet of  13 Captains, 18 “toons” total. I have four “toons” in the fleet.  Most of these Captains are not on much anymore and some haven’t been on for months or years.  Some probably gave up somewhere along the way, some just don’t have the time to give to the game. I’ve invested too many resources and time into this fleet. So I started work on my own. I will say that on the outset I had the advantage of having some resources saved back. I joined STO just a couple of  months after launch. But being someone who doesn’t like to spend all their resources at once.  I still had to work hard to get this open.
Here are some tips for going it alone:
  • Try not to go it alone, but if you must use your alts. The more Alternate Captains of yours you have working on the project, the more resources you make.  Send out the Doffs to gather some resources. Use each one to play a single mission.  Make sure you have a Ferengi Alt so you can save on Energy credits.
  • Find missions that have a large payout, either in gear (that you can sell for credits), Dilithium or fleet credits. For fleet credits I endorse the Azure Nebula Rescue.
  • Fleet credit boosts are your friends, don’t leave base without one. Remember, every bit counts.
  • If you have a Klingon alt, use their Doffs to maraud for resources. Every little bit helps.
  • Patience, Space Rome wasn’t built in a day. This isn’t a race with yourself, it’s a marathon with yourself.
  • Hope for something special to happen.  The best thing that happened for me was the Crystalline Catastrophe special event. I had four of my captains running it.  I got plenty of resources (Dilithium and fleet marks) to help me along. This speed the resource gathering process up tremendously.
  • Pick a track and stick with it. Either Trade OR Development, don’t do both.  Pick which ever one you have the better chance at getting the resources. This will help you get to your goal faster.  Also, if you want to get to that goal, forget about your Starbase or Embassy for a while. Remember, when this is over, the mine will make everything a little cheaper.


For those wondering how many resources it took to open the mine up:
Total Resources by the Numbers
Fleet Marks: 10,540
Expertise: 510,000
Common Duty Officers: 365
Seismic Stabilizers: 2,881
Self-Sealing Stem Bolts: 2,401
Dilithium Mine Provisions: 1,343
Industrial Replicators: 4,300
Medical Supplies: 1,250
Civilians: 75
Engineering of Operations Officers: 50
The following projects:
  • Open Dilithium Trading I, 5 times
  • Trade Infrastructure Support I, 5 times
  • Upgrade Trade Facilities I


117 days to finish out Tier One
I hope these tips help you. To quote Casey Kasem: “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”
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