Foundry Report – The Devil You Know by Valtress

Chivalrybean reporting in with an Officer Report of the Foundry mission The Devil You Know by Valtress.

The mission starts on Earth Spacedock with Starfleet admiral Woodhouse giving orders to track down a pirate named Brian Newman at a suspected location. Being the eager to help Starfleet captain you are, you’ll jump to help and travel to Risa, where Brian Newman is expected to be. But first you’ll be installing a new device on your ship at Woodhouse’s command.


The pros of the mission are the story, a healthy dose of humor, and combat that adds flavor to the mission. The story is well crafted. Any parts I had misgivings about were not oversights by the author, but intentional plot points that come into play later. The dialogue is effective in progressing the plot. There isn’t more than required, but what there is has enough substance to make it fill in the story well. There is humor both in the dialogue and in the mission itself that poked a little bit of fun at a few things, even at Star Trek Online itself, but keeps clear of breaking the fourth wall.

The combat isn’t particularly difficult playing on normal. There was only one section that proved to be much of a challenge. However, the combat was in places that made sense and wasn’t excessive. It made sense for the story.


Some areas that I had criticism about were the forced dialogue choices for my captain, and some bits of the story that aren’t accurate to what I actually did in the game. The voice of your captain and crew, while consistent in the mission, is very specific. My captain said things that he would never say had I been given the choice. This can be remedied by providing options at each text box that reflect possibly replies for different captains. However, once I realized there wasn’t anything to be done about it, I just went with it. One thing that happened assumed I performed an action but I actually actively avoided it, yet in the plot it assumes I had done it. This can be remedied with triggers not related to the story flow, and even provides the chance to reward the player for paying attention. I already let the author know of the details, and am omitting them here to keep this spoiler free.

The Devil You Know has a well defined plot, humorous dialogue, and has a good variety of action and maps. It is a fun to play mission it is well worth your time to experience it.

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