Foundry Report – Of Morals and Ethics by Voporak

Chivalrybean here with another Foundry Officer Report. This week let’s have a discussion Of Morals and Ethics by Voporak.


Of Morals and Ethics takes your ship into an alternate universe, and you must do some difficult things to get back. The mission features ground and space combat, branching dialog, and a look at actions and consequences.

The maps are customized and provide mood for the mission. You’ll visit familiar places, but they won’t be as you would find in your normal universe.


There is some combat, but minimal. Fairly easy in a geared up ship or away team.

While there isn’t much in the way of real choice in the mission, there are dialog options to state how you feel about what happened, or what you are about to have to do. I’d suggest you look at this in the light of a “what if” story as opposed to something your character actually went and did. I would hope in a similar situation I would find alternate methods to get what was needed done, but the mission does take a good look at the consequences for the actions you do make.


The pacing was a little slow for me, but I can’t place a finger on why, however. Also, there are some silly NPCs and events that don’t fit in entirely too well into what is otherwise a serious story. As much as I like silly, they are out of place here.


Of Morals and Ethics is a mission with crafted maps and a look at what can go wrong when you make certain choices. It’s worth a play through.

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