Foundry Report – Hero of the Empire

Chivalrybean here with another Foundry Officer Report. This time I headed over to Qo’nos and The First City to play RogueEnterprise’s Klingon mission, Hero of the Empire.

Hero of the Empire is one of the most fun missions I’ve played. The plot allows for player choice, and there is great use of foundry tech and has metric tons of glorious action and honorable loresinging!

One of Jm’pok’s aides gives you orders to escort a transport back to the Klingon home world. There are dialogue choices here as to how as a captain you react as well as later in the mission. Once you arrive find the freighter, you engage in battle. Enemies vanquished, you travel on, following the freighter on it’s clandestine mission.


Along the way home you uncover plots and engage in honorable combat against honorless enemies. Things get more interesting when you arrive back at Qo’nos.

I’m not going to spoil the fun, but the rest of the tale allows you as an active participant in the story to choose how the story proceeds and what happens. This even allows for replayability to take different paths.

Good map design allows for fewer map transitions and therefore fewer load times.


There were, however, a few glitches in the game. They spoiled one surprise, but not in a way that ruined the mission. Essentially a few things were visible when they shouldn’t be. Perhaps this can be fixed, or perhaps I got a bad copy of the mission as sometimes happens, but in no way does it make it incompletable and it isn’t a reason not to play the mission. *note* On a second play through, these errors were fixed!

Hero of the Empire is a blast to play, uses the foundry tech exceedingly well, and will give you a chance to tell glorious tales of your exploits against your enemies and gain honor in the eyes of the Klingon people. It’s worth making a Klingon character just to play this mission.

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