Diplomacy in the Gamma Quadrant by Mark Hawkman

Chivalrybean here with a Foundry Officer Report. Today it’s Diplomacy In the Gamma Quadrant, a Klingon mission by Mark Hawkman.

This mission is best described, in my opinion, as a simulation of working for upper management.

You follow orders, and then things go awry because of a lack of communication and red tape.

This mission feels a bit like phone tag in parts, like someone is giving you the run around, and you literally have to run around and talk to people to do what should be a simple job.


If this was the intent of the author, he pulls it off well as a running theme of the mission.

There is no ground combat, but there is some in space to liven things up.

Overall, this mission feels a bit like work, but it was strangely satisfying to see this in the STO and that someone else out there knows how you feel.

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