Dilithium Tracking 9/5/13





Slide1Its the beginning of September, school is back in session, some stores already have their Christmas stuff trickling out… yes,  there’s change in the air. We’re also at the beginning of the month, which tends to have a dip associated with it. Could be people just got bills paid, other folks waiting for their stipend, but either way, there’s a dip.

This go around its a bit severe, but things have been a bit on the high side recently which might make things looks even more dramatic. Granted, I’ve been out of game for a bit, so I’ve likely missed something obvious. But, volume goes up and down, so its not too out of the ordinary.

Trading seems to be going back up to a higher Z:D rate. Better to buy Dilithium than sell it, but overall its still very pro-Dilithium.


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