Dilithium Tracking 8/29/13

Its almost a year since I started this little project. Well, actually, I think its a year just about now. This all started off with me wanting to learn more about the market because I wanted to buy a Ferengi D’Kora without actually paying money. I started tracking, shared what I found, and was blessed with a D’Kora by an anonymous player. Its still my “daily driver,” even though I’ve got many other ships since then.

Since then, I shift my focus on buying Lobi items, and fully outfitted the D’Kora with the full Ferengi Marauder set. That’s long since been accomplished, and I’ve even bought a few other goodies this way. No money spent.

What have you tried to do with the data? Speaking of which… here’s the data!Slide1 Slide3 Slide2

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