Dilithium Tracking 8/1/13

Another quiet week of numbers, it seems. Massively has been doing a nice bit of interviews with Dan Stahl (part one and two), which has some nice food for thought about the future. I’ve been working a little on my Romulan character, getting Lockboxes opened up for Lobi, and all has been pretty nice, really.

Now, that said, the number seem pretty good to me.



Relatively flat, yes, but the numbers are pretty high as well. The Z:D ratio is relatively good, still above the 1:100 mark (which is my preference). There’s a good number of offers to buy Zen right now, and its been high for a while. Offers to buy Dilithium? Not bad from the looks of things.

I do wonder how the Exchange rates affects the desire to buy Dilithium, though. Its peaks and valleys seem higher in general than when I first started tracking, but then there was a new season coming out, a number of exploits unfixed and risk/time:rewards that the devs wanted to tweak, etc. There is more reason to buy now, I think, but there’s not really a direct correlation between the rate and the number of offers going up that I can figure out.

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