Dilithium Tracking 7/4/13

Happy 4th of July to our US players! And if you’re not a US player? Well, give me some holidays I should keep on my calendar and what country they’re for! You know, I can’t quite remember any holidays in Star Trek, but I’m not exactly an expert in trivia and lore. Ah well.

Side note: I’m currently playing STO on my laptop, which is running the preview for Windows 8.1. Works great, no issues, except that it seems I’ve lost some controls for my Skydrive online storage. That’s not so bad – its all automatic and I generally want it synced, but that’ll definitely affect your connection while up- and down-loading. For instance, its been struggling to upload a 1g+ video file over consumer-grade broadband (I don’t even want to think how slow that is), so I’ve been having rubber-banding while attempting to play. Before I could simply turn it off for the time being, and resume later. Will need to suggest that… Otherwise W8.1 is fine and dandy for me.

Now, onto them charts!Slide1

Well, Captains, we’re seeing some minor fluctuations in the Z:D ratio, but overall its nothing dramatic. Enough to be interesting, and can get one a reasonable profit if you’re watching closely. Well, assuming you’re throwing enough assets around and have some patience. Trading seem a little more up-and-down, but I’m missing a few entries here and there, plus I think we’ve established there’s not necessarily a huge correlation between trading volume and the Z:D rate.

We’ve got folks on vacation, people romping around in Risa, and generally I think right now is a fun time to be playing.


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