Dilithium Tracking 6/27/13

Ah, computers. They’re wonderful when they work, and, well, discouraging when they don’t! Due to technical issues I missed tracking 6/24/13, so there’ll be a hole in the data there. I also missed 6/21/13, but that’s just my fault! Nobody to blame but myself…

Due to some loose screw in my head, I’ll be trying the Windows 8.1 preview, so if my computer blows up and there’s no reporting? That might be why. In the meantime…Slide1

Wow, that’s a bit of a dip there, eh? Sadly, I’m not sure what caused it, and since I’m missing the 21st and 24th, I’m not sure how smooth or sharp it actually was. Ah well…

Going off past events, I think the upcoming summer fun at Risa will keep trading lower than normal for a bit. Of course, that depends on how fun the event is, as well as the desirability of the Risian Corvette. It looks sort of neat; like it came out of Wipeout racing games. Or Hydrothunder. Which, honestly, is fine by me regardless. Granted, when I’m not grabbing STO data, I’m usually pondering earning more Master Keys; I really want that Tal Shiar grand prize!



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