Dilithium Tracking 5/30/13

Steady as she goes! The Legacy of Romulus has launched over a week ago, and folks seem to be enjoying themselves. My friends are thrilled with the new content, but it seems the post-update jitters are still there with the servers. Hopefully they’ll be fixed soon, so it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out


Z:D rates have a nice little swing to them, but its not wild. Trading volumes went down when LOR launched, which isn’t surprising. After all, how many existing players have been itching to get their hands on a new KDF experience or to play as Romulans? But, it came back quickly. I’m a little surprised there’s not more people trying to buy Zen, simply because there new ships and lockboxes look great.

Honestly, I’m at a loss at the moment, but chances are it’ll be a while before we see more definite trends or anything. Until then, here’s the rest of the data!



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