Dilithium Tracking 4/25/13

Another eventful week. If you’ve been in the market to buy Dilithium with your Zen, this has probably been a fantastic time for you, relatively speaking. While we’ve not hit the same levels seen last year, its definitely a possibility at this point. If you’re selling Dilithium? Its still a pro-Dilithium market, in my opinion, and I’ve been cheerfully selling at current prices.


The Z:D rate has been steadily climbing, while the top 10 offers remain relatively low in volume. I’m still holding to the theory that the big Zen spenders who are willing to pay a premium on their Dilithium are not active in the market right now, opting to wait for The Legacy of Romulus. There was a massive drop in trading after the announcement on March 21st. It did start to recover, but then something else happened.

The new Crystalline Catastrophe event and its Reputation reward might be part why things are dampened right now. Its a fun little event, but the long-term prize of 50,000 Unrefined Dilithium for characters that complete it? You’re looking at 7-days of refining right there to gain access to all of it, but that’s still a nice chunk of change. Again, you see a decrease, although more gradual than the Romulus announcement, and now we’re at our current lows. The two together are probably a fair-sized contribution to the Z:D rate being is what it is right now.

That said, we’re seeing more of a swing in rates again. So, if you’re patient, its more likely that you can earn more Dilithium or Zen via buying low and selling high. Its not guaranteed, mind you, so never invest more than you can afford to lose. For me this is definitely more fun than the relatively flat rates we’ve seen for so long.



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