Dilithium Tracking 4/11/13

Looks like trading is back to normal, but wow! Z:D is at a relative high, still hovering around 1:100. Its dipped below 1:100 around the end of March, but that’s about it. Right now people buying offering to buy Dilithium is really driving traffic, though. If you go by Wednesday’s sampling, there’s 635,877 Zen difference between the top 5 pools to buy Dilithium and the top 5 for buying Zen (so, $6,358.77).


Dilithium Tracking wednesday


Right now, people are wanting to sell their Zen for 1:103 and higher. Conversely, they’re wanting to sell their Dilithium for 1:102 or lower. I’m a little surprised at how many people are trying to get more than 1:103 for their Zen, since you can plainly see how the numbers of offers drop sharply after 1:103. Looking at the other side, the sheer number of people trying to get a favorable rate for their Dilithium makes a lot more sense. I’ll probably have to take a look later to see if this is normal for week days or not. Anyhow, more data with no commentary:

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