Dilithium Tracking 04/03/2013

Hello to everyone at Priority One! I’m Sam of SamOnMaui.blogspot.com, pleased-ta-meetcha. The kind folks at Priority One are allowing me to post my economic tomfoolery here, and I for one welcome the chance to share with you. This is really exciting, and explores one of my favorite parts of the game; the economy. Because of the Z:D Exchange, players on a budget or strapped for time can get costumes, ships and services they want from the the Cryptic Store, as well as supply fleet projects, get Dilithium equipment, and more. I love this because it means I’ve got more people I can play and have fun with.

I’ll go ahead and make my normal disclaimer: I am not an economist. So, for the most part I prefer to present data, and while I might have a hunch or make basic observations? Your guess is as good as mine. As such? On to the data!

040313 dual

There’s actually two main sets of data, with the second set having three things tracked. The light blue area in the back tracks the Zen:Dilithium exchange rate. Early on you can see its higher up, typically around the 1 Zen:150 Dilithium range, give or take. But now its gone down to 1 Zen:100 Dilithium! There’s been lots of ups and downs in between, but that’s what makes it worth tracking.

The second set of data graphs out the top 5 offers to buy Zen, to buy Dilithium, and all of the offers together as a sort of “total volume.” This is an imprecise tool, as it only shows outstanding offers in those ranges, but is enough to get an idea of how active the Exchange is. Successful sales/purchases are invisible to my tracking, as are the volume outside the respective top 5 offers. But, its still interesting to see, and if you can figure out a “rhythm” of the market? Good on ya!

Right now it looks like the Dilithium Exchange is trying to get back to normal after a big drop last week! Wow! Trepidation over what the surprise announcement really put a damper on trading. Of course, it wouldn’t have been so impressive if not for the relative high volume we’ve been experiencing as of late. It’ll be interesting to see how things go while the new update is in testing.

040313 by dayThis chart tracks the Z:D Exchange rate throughout the week. The focus here is to see the way it can fluctuate day by day. It starts on Mondays, ending with Sundays. Some weeks have more flex to them than others, and things like holidays can effectively extend the weekend. But, overall, its a good aid in deciding if you want to buy or sell on a given day, or maybe wait a little while first.

To keep it visually manageable, it only shows the past eight weeks.

040313 by week

Finally, this presents the same data as the other, but turns it on its side.Its easier to make out how much fluctuation a week has had, showing the spread between the top and bottom price. Moreover, it helps show the general trend of the past eight weeks, so if you know what’s going on in game recently, you can attempt to figure out if there’s a correlation or not.

Keep in mind, that all of these are essentially snapshots of the market. Sadly, we do not have the tools to provide a 24/7 record of what happens. But, we have enough that we can at least make something resembling an educated guess at what could happen. So, until next week!


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