Dilithium Tracker 7/11/13

Today is a big day! Steam’s online summer sale continues, so that’s always big for someone. Microsoft announces its formal reorganization, which will have effects on the PC industry for years to come. Nokia announced the Lumia 1020 with its 42 mega-pixel camera (well, sorta… marketing math). And now? Pacific Rim is opening. Well, assuming you’ve got a midnight showing. I’m not sure what the economic impact of giant monsters fighting Kaiju will be, but darnit, there ought to be something measurable.

I do apologize for being so late with this week’s update. And now, a more serious look at things after the break 😉


After a very sharp dip last week, it looks like things are getting to be a bit more stable for offer volumes. Likewise, the Z:D rate isn’t seeing a whole lot of activity right now, keeping within a five point spread since last week (high of 1:119, low of 1:114). I’d have to say things aren’t overly exciting right now, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Granted, if you’re playing the highs and lows of the Exchange, your margins are going to be a bit on the low side right now.

Thank goodness the Exchange doesn’t charge a transaction fee!


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