Comparative Sapients G1: Gamma Quadrant Species

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A female member of the Dosi species, courtesy of Memory Alpha

A female member of the Dosi species, courtesy of Memory Alpha

The Dosi are allies of the Dominion, aggressive negotiators to the point of fatality. They are a reptilian race, and augment their natural coloration with pigment and ostentatious garb. Tulaberry wine is a core component of the race’s culture and a major export. Dosi are very strong and muscular, due to genetics that keep their metabolism and muscle building rate at about 50% greater than most humanoid species of their average height and home gravity.

The Skrreea and T-Rogoran are both species connected to the Dominion. T-Rogorans were annexed by the Dominion just prior to the Dominion War, and the Skrreea were slaves of the T-Rogorans who took advantage of this destabilization and escaped, many of them to the Alpha Quadrant. Little is currently known about the T-Rogorans, except secondhand from their former slaves.


Skrreea exhibit extreme epidermal growth that replenishes their skin at a rate of about every 96 hours. This causes flakes of skin to constantly shed wherever they are and go. As emigrants and refugees, the Skrreea were granted colonization rights to Draylon II, renamed New Kentanna. Several thousand Skrreea are currently members of Starfleet, with more Federation dual citizens. Full Federation membership for the Skrreea is to be considered in the next meeting of the Federation Council.

Rurigan, the only Yaderan known to the Alpha Quadrand

Rurigan, the only Yaderan known to the Alpha Quadrant

Only one member of the Yaderan species was ever encountered; he has escaped from the Dominion annexation of his homeworld around 2340 with holotechnology, which he then used to recreate his village and larger family on a planet near the Gamma Quadrant terminus of the Bajoran wormhole.

The Great Link, where the Founders exist in their liquid state.

The Great Link, where the Founders exist in their liquid state.

No discussion of the Gamma Quadrant would be complete without the three species most well-known to the Alpha Quadrant: The Founders, the Jem’Hadar, and the Vorta. We’ve talked in previous classes about the Founders, so today we’ll focus more on their two most prevalent allies.


Since the founding of the Dominion roughly 3000 years ago, their mastery of genetic manipulation in themselves and in others has only increased. The Jem’Hadar are completely genetically engineered, and grow from birth to adulthood in the space of approximately 72.3 hours. Because of their genetic creation, the Founders could and did omit a particular enzyme critical to cognitive and neural function in order to effectively and efficiently enslave the entire population of Jem’Hadar. This is especially useful when dealing with a population bred to be aggressive, violent, and very useful as shock troops. Ketracel-white supplies this missing enzyme to the Jem’Hadar, and the granting of ‘the white’ is quasi-religious in nature. They are also able to ‘cloak’ themselves from sensors and visual detection in many cases, making them even more effective and dangerous.

A Vorta, courtesy of Memory-Alpha

A Vorta, courtesy of Memory-Alpha

The other main avatar of the Founders is the Vorta. The apocryphal story has been told that a population of simians that once hid a Founder on Kurill Prime from a group that meant the Founder harm. As a reward, the Founders uplifted the Vorta to sapience. Whether or not this is true doesn’t really matter, as the Founder mastery of genetics has allowed them to create and then clone the most useful Vorta many times over. The most famous of these is Weyoun, whose contacts and activities are a part of the Starfleet diplomatic and historical record. Some Vorta exhibit telekinetic abilities as well, although these instances are not well documented nor widespread.

Vorta are immune to most poisons, have rather poor eyesight, and excellent hearing. They are often fitted with a termination implant should they be compromised by enemies of the Dominion or by their conscience. In contrast to the Jem’Hadar, they are diplomats for the Founders, often acting as intermediary between Founders and Jem’Hadar.

In the aftermath of the conflict with the Iconians, many in Starfleet are eager to explore more of the Gamma Quadrant and to create stronger and deeper diplomatic inroads with the Dominion. Your assignment for the week is to write about how the physiological differences between Founders and humanoid species presents challenges and opportunities to the Federation and Dominion.


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