Chewson’s Solutions: Acquiring Vintage Ale for Your Starbase

Hi, I’m Chivalrybean, and my main toon on Star Trek Online, Chewson Pwan, is a science captain, as well as an entrepreneur in his spare time. When I’m not shooting Borg or defending the starbase, I’m investigating the galaxy in my freighter the S.S. Doff Lundgren looking for deals and sending my duty officers on missions for profit, and to help gain resources for the fleet’s starbase.

Building a starbase is no simple task as there are multiple projects to complete. Each project takes many different items you find in the game to complete, which you are able to donate via the Fleet menu in the Holdings tab. Sometimes you’ll reassign members of your crew to the starbase; other times you’ll donate dilithium or fleet marks you get while doing missions. Other items are as easy to get as walking up to your replicator and asking, but then there are other items that are rare and expensive, such as the highly controversial Dosi Rotgut and Romulan Ale for the starbase Bartender missions.

A quick check on the exchange shows that one single unit of these items is around one hundred thousand energy credits! The worse news is that the project requires 250 of each item! How will you ever complete the project without spending an arm and a warp nacelle to do it? There are many ways to make energy credits, but instead of covering that today, I’ll tell you how to go right to the source and get the items directly, removing the middle man!

The number one way to get Rotgut is to get some good purple bartender doffs and to complete the Tulaberry assignment chain.

I have two purple bartender doffs and when I get a critical success, I gain 3 Rotgut total. If a large, 500 person fleet had even half the members do the Experimental Tulaberry Cocktail mission successfully once, the Rotgut would be no problem. A smaller fleet may still need to sell a nacelle, but at least they would still have their arm.

As for collecting the tulaberries, you can easily get tulaberries from trade doff missions in the Gamma Quadrant.

Romulan Ale is available as drops in Romulan Space (I didn’t do this myself, but perhaps missions in the Romulan star clusters, as well as playing the episodes, would be a way to get this.) It is also available from your sneaky crew when they are hiding contraband.

Both are also available as rewards by talking to a bartender in a ship and running the Special Reserve mission. This mission may be done at any level.

If you are in a small fleet, this info will help you make some home-brew ale and Rotgut so you won’t have to buy it all on the exchange, or perhaps you could set up deals with another fleet who has the buying power to generate Dosi Rotgut and Romulan Ale in excess quantities and get it cheaper.

Finally, now that you know how to make it yourself, go brew some Rotgut and make out like a Ferangi by selling it on the exchange while the prices are still inflated!

*Author’s Note: Dan Stahl, Executive Producer of STO said in a recent Priority One interview that while they may not adjust this mission in the future, they do plan on removing such rare items as these for requirements for future starbase and/or other holdings missions. I personally hope they stay, as it adds to the economy of the game, but I hope the requirements are reduced.

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