Chewson’s Solutions: Small Fleets Can Still Have Nice Things

Chewson’s Solutions: Small Fleets Can Still Have Nice Things

This is the first edition of Chewson’s Solutions! I’m Chewson Pwan, science officer, space trader, and a solver of problems in the world of Star Trek Online. Today I’m going to take on the fleet starbases, and fight for the little guys! By little guys, I don’t mean Tellarites, but small fleets. Which may contain Tellarites, however.

With the addition of Fleet Starbases into Star Trek Online, it added myriad things for fleets to build, but also had high costs in order to build them. The Cryptic devs targeted the costs around the average fleet size while still making the building process for large fleets longer so they wouldn’t finish building everything in a few short weeks. SSOG is close to maximum members and is nearing the top tier, and I know some other large fleets like Jupiter Force are just now maxing out their starbase. So where does that leave a mid-sized fleet, or more so the smallest of fleets?

The design goal for starbases and the reputation system, according to Al Rivera on a recent interview with Priority One, is that these provide options and choices for the players to make.  You aren’t supposed to easily do them all at once; they are supposed to take time and effort. While I’m not going to get into specific details, I will say I personally have no problem with that.

Despite me not having a problem with that, many people do, and one reason is they want all the nice things an upgraded starbase provides such as the ships, the gear, and the boff stores, etc. The people who run into this problem are usually the smaller fleets because upgrading the starbase with so few members is a much more difficult task. I’ve been there, so I understand the frustration.  But I have some solutions that anyone can do, with no changes to the current starbase building system. One solution involves changing your fleet, while the other solution does not, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

When I hear about small fleets, most are small because the few members are a close group and perhaps have even been playing together since before STO was even a twinkle in Dan Stahl’s eye. They want to still maintain the small group that they are to play together and build their starbase with their own few hands. One solution is that instead of building the starbase themselves, a small fleet can join another fleet with no change to who they are and how they play. Just find a fleet that mirrors how you play, that won’t interfere or has anything mandatory. You’ll have a bigger starbase available to you, and get the ships and gear the advanced starbases provide. However, the downsides are losing your fleet name, which can be sacred to the group, and in a large fleet, it can be harder to contribute to fleet projects for fleet credit with so many members. However, if this option doesn’t work, there is another.

The other method works if you don’t mind the fact that it is takes a long time to build your small fleet’s starbase. What you do is stay small within your small fleet, rack up all the fleet credit you could ever want, and figure out how much fleet credit you need to spend it on what you plan to purchase. The key to this is knowing someone who has invite rights to a high tier starbase. Once you are invited to any starbase, you have full access to any stores and services they offer.  The best part about doing this is you use your own fleet’s resources, so anyone inviting you doesn’t have to worry about you bleeding their fleet dry of provisions. The downside to this is less ease of access to the items in another fleet’s starbase but at the same time your small fleet doesn’t have to change at all, and neither does the system as it is in game.

I hope this information is useful to player in fleet who are having a tough time getting what they want out of the system. I believe these ideas will solve the most important issues small fleets run into.

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