Behind the Lines: The Introduction

Hello readers!

Welcome for the first time to Priority Ones newest feature, Behind the Lines! A column devoted to the wonderful and expanding world of Star Trek literature old and new!

My name is Declan, but unless you’re my mother, or indeed bestowing me with my long anticipated knighthood, you can just call me Dec. Over the next few months you and I are going to hopefully see a lot of each other, and if you too share even half my love of Trek lit I’m sure we’re going to get on like a house on fire! Like Worf and a painstick! Like Troi and Chocolate! Like McCoy and passive aggression! This is going to be some good old fashioned Trek fun…

But I’ve never read a Star Trek book!

I hear your cry! Don’t even worry about it! Its time you joined the party and I’m happy to help you get on board! Throughout any of my articles there will be links relating to anything I mention imbedded in the text leading to Memory Alpha and Beta as well as anything I find relevant or think you need to know. By all means use them and see what all the fuss is about!

The book series have taken our favourite characters and stories where we left them on the small screen and developed even more masterful, spellbinding tales for us to enjoy. Many titles I would happily say even eclipsed the screen/television writers and have taken our favourite crews to places of excitement beyond even our wildest dreams.

Now I can’t speak for you all, but the fact we’re here says to me that when the T.V shows ended and the movies wrapped up you, like me, still hungered for so much more. What happened after second star to the right and straight on till morning? After the fireworks of Voyager’s return and the end of the Dominion War? Did Enterprise ever face the Romulans in the Great War that precedes the Federation? Did Geordie ever get laid? EVER? The books are our answer my friends, and with the spectacular writers and artists involved take heart, we have not been disappointed.

Behind the Lines will review every new Trek Lit release and so far let me tell you, as bloody good a year as it’s already been between the intrigue of the Typhon Pact, Riker’s adventures aboard Titan, and the Time traveling escapades of the D.T.I, Autumn has yet to still blow us away!

Next week I’ll be starting us off with Kirsten Beyer’s most recent Voyager masterpiece ‘The Eternal Tide’. Taking an in-depth look into the fourth story of the series, following Project Full Circle and it’s Slipstream powered fleet as it continues it’s mission in the Delta Quadrant, as well as the return of a Star Trek legend taken from us far too soon!

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What’s even better?  Behind the Lines has secured an interview with Kirsten Beyer herself  to talk about the book, and I’m happy to say you can look forward to more writer Q&As with my lovely fellow Brit Una McCormack (her Typhon Pact novel ‘Brinksmanship’ hits stores later this month) and the legend that is David Mack (author of several amazing titles including fan favourite and destroyer of Borg ‘Destiny’) as time goes by.

So wait? Voyager’s back in the Delta Quadrant? Destiny; destroyer of Borg? What?

I feel you guys, I do. Not everyone is up to speed but don’t worry, that’s also what I’m here for!

As well as reviewing new releases and interviewing the writers, Behind the Lines will also feature my periodical column called ‘Memory Omega’, a spotlight on some of the spectacular Trek classics of days gone by, featuring reviews, trivia, insights, and recommendations to satisfy our Trek needs on even its deepest levels!

First up for Memory Omega will be a look at the David Mack mega-epic Destiny in the run up to his new trilogy Cold Equations, before taking a look back at ‘The Never Ending Sacrifice’ and more thoughts from Miss McCormack on it. Ever wanted to know what happened after the little orphan boy Rugal left DS9 in the season two episode Cardassians? McCormack’s got your back people and my god is it amazing!

So that’s it until next time. A brief hello and a tease I know, but it’s good to take five to get to know new friends before we boldly go. It’s amazing for me to be working with Priority One, a show I have adored for a long time and I know already we’re all going to have a blast.

Now go boil up the Raktajino, sit down in the big chair, and set Phasers to Chill with ‘The Eternal Tide’ and I’ll see you soon to talk about it all.

Much love,


If you have any questions you’d like to pose to Kirsten Beyer or Una McCormack start throwing them up to Behind the Lines, and I’ll do my best to get them answered!

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