Brothers of Man by gwalchavad

Chivalrybean here with another Foundry Officer Report. Note that the original foundry officer report wrapper mission is now available again. Find it in the Available tab in your mission journal.  Be sure to grab that before playing. It has a 30 minute cooldown now, so you can get better rewards from Foundry than without it.

Today’s mission is Brothers of Man, by gwalchavad. The mission is to visit a planet for the purposes of first contact. If the location in Gamma Orionis isn’t a clue, make sure you have some remodulators. There will be a few borg.


This is part one of a series and is also the author’s first mission. It features some space and ground combat, investigating clues, and custom maps.

This mission makes a good first part of a series. It introduces the people you are there to make contact with, throws some troubles your way, and foreshadows possible issues that may crop up later in the series.

The maps custom and generally nice to look at.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward, but it’s not dull. There’s dialog to read between actions, but no one drones on for long expositions.

There is an arc that starts and ends in this mission, with paths that lead to the next mission in the series. It feels like a complete part.


The next mission Shadow of Avalon is currently in the Review section if you want to play it. It will be stuck there until reviews are turned back on and two more people play and review it.

Brothers of Man is a good first start for the author, and the mission is a fun trail into an uncommonly visited area of STO.

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