Bait and Switch by starswordc

Chivalrybean here with another Foundry Officer Report. starswordc brings us Bait and Switch, part one of a series.

Bait and Switch has space and ground combat, a plot that takes you around the quadrant, and some nice points of dialog options.

The story starts on DS9 with a grumpy admiral giving you orders to go on patrol and look for pirates. I really liked the starting space map. There were ships mining that you could talk to. This showed off another feature of the mission, optional dialog. You can just zip right to the objective, but you can also immerse yourself in the story and talk to the miners about pirates, and gather more information. This type of game play is also on a few other maps.


At each point of the story, you’re led further along and the plot develops. You meet more key players and find out what’s going on.

At a few points I could choose how to respond to things in conversations, which I liked, and the dialog trees were built well. I could easily navigate them to repeat selections if I wanted to look at something again.

Combat is fairly basic and won’t get in the way of the story if you are there mostly for the story. A few higher level mobs here and there do spice it up a bit, though

An area that could be improved is the enemy placement on the ground. One room has them scattered about the large bay area, which is really good, but most other places just have them standing in a lump in a hallway. Placing them around and giving a few of them animations would liven up the atmosphere.

I also appreciated the final dialog box with suggestions of other author’s missions to play, some of which have been featured on this show!

Bait and Switch is a nicely told story with a nice mix of player interactions, optional immersion, and more to come.

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