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The Priority One Podcast Audio Assistant helps establish the voice of the company, aiding with the production of the weekly episodic content. Their core responsibility is providing support to the Audio Engineer by editing portions of the show on a weekly basis.

This highly creative candidate is responsible for the audio representation of Priority One Podcast. The Audio Assistant reports directly the Audio Engineer and will be expected to keep them informed of all projects pertaining to Priority One Podcast.

While every week as an Audio Assistant different, this is what the key responsibilities may include:

  • Editing
    • The balancing, mixing, editing and enhancing of pre-recorded audio
    • Mixing and balancing speech, effects and music
    • Creating and altering sound effects for use in audio or video segments
    • Piece together recordings, create tracks and sound blending elements
    • Modify show length and recorded vocal discussions within the show as needed
    • Maintain the best audio quality possible by cleaning noise, equalizing volume, mixing down, and bouncing files in the best size and quality mp3 settings

Important: Edit vocal statements, remove them, or add to them when required. Often there will be comments made by guests which need to be struck from the recording. Frequently these comments will be called out by the producer or guest, but the Audio Engineer will need to listen carefully to the entire recording and consult with their Producer, should any comment seem questionable in the least.

In part, the Priority One Podcast Audio Assistant should be an enthusiastic team member and proactive about the weekly production quality of Priority One Podcast. They should feel free to take explore their creative talents in order to improve the overall quality and production the show. They are welcomed to feel invested in their projects.


NOTE: Positions are volunteer, non-paid. No prior experience required.

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