2016 Priority One Podcast Swimsuit Calendar Competition!

Greetings, Admirals! it’s time to put on your finest swimwear and gear up for the Priority One Podcast swimsuit calendar competition! You have until the end of the summer event to submit a screenshot, and we’ll pick the best ones, along with some from our own team, to be made into a series of wallpapers for 2016. Winners will be announced at the beginning of August, with the wallpapers to follow later in the year.


  • Send us your image as an e-mail attachment to incoming@priorityonepodcast.com
  • Leave a comment on this post, linking to an image hosting site


THEME: Be as creative as you want! The only requirement is that you must be wearing swimwear. We want your funniest, scariest, silliest, or awesomest pics.


  • All Entries must be 1920×1200 minimum size.
  • All entry images must be submitted in JPEG form.
  • All submitted images must be made of only material from Star Trek Online.
  • No images containing visual material from the TV/Movies, outside artwork or any licensed material from any other source will be accepted.
  • No custom 3D models or textures can be used in this contest. The image must contain in-game material.
  • Enter as many times as you wish, but be warned, spamming us with millions of entries will not win you any favours!
  • And most importantly: Keep it classy, Admirals!

JUDGES: The winners will be voted on by the Priority One Podcast team.


  • All images must measure at least 1920×1200 for submission or larger.
  • Images should be of high resolution quality. Recommended method:
    • Type “/renderscale 2” into your chat window before taking your image
    • Type “/screenshot” to take image
    • This will create a large TGA file in the directory listed below that can be converted via Photoshop to 1920×1200.
    • If you wish to utilize another method like “Print Screen” you will want to turn off your HUD visuals by hitting Alt +F12
    • (you will find your images in C:\Program Files (x86)\Star Trek Online_en\Star Trek Online\Live\screenshots on most PC computers)

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Good luck everyone!

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