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This week, we’re Trekking Out some new information about the Jean-Luc Picard series – and it IS the title – but we also get a look at Picards “Upfront” clip and on-set photos. Then Discovery sings Sir Patrick Stewart’s praise and a giant Enterprise sells in Canada.

In our Star Trek gaming segment, Star Trek Online lead designer, Al “Captain Gecko” Rivera, stops by to talk about the newest Discovery missions featuring Rehka Sharma and Jason Isaacs and what he took away from the CBS Global Partners Summit.   



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by Jake Morgan

Untitled Picard Series No More.

Are you tired of referring to the upcoming Sir Patrick Stewart-led Star Trek series as “The-untitled-Picard-series”? Well…so are we! – but we have some good news…the series has an official title!

Want to know what it is? Hold onto your hats – it’s “Star Trek: Picard”. The announcement was made via twitter by @StarTrekCBS on May 15th. The tweet, an animated GIF, had the newly-announced title in familiar Star Trek font, with the “A” in Picard replaced by a Starfleet delta. Along with the GIF, the tweet said //QUOTE//Make it so. #StarTrekPicard is coming to @CBSAllAccess.//END QUOTE//

For a link to the tweet, trek out the show notes.

Our First Look At Star Trek: Picard

Buzz Feed’s Chief Los Angeles Correspondent Kate Aurthur spent May 15th Live-tweeting this years CBS “Upfronts” – a yearly event used by broadcasting companies to court potential advertisers. The New York event attendees were the first to see the “Star Trek: Picard” title splash that we discussed in our first story, but were also shown a short clip of the upcoming NOW-TITLED series – a clip that Aurthur took a photo of and included in her live-tweets!

In the tweeted photo, we see Sir Patrick Stewart in a black jacket and turtleneck, and there is a brief glimpse of a Starfleet uniform behind him. Later in the week, and just as conversation about the photo started cooling off, the full clip was leaked. In it, a young Starfleet ensign asks Picard for his name, to which Picard raises an eyebrow.

But that’s not all!

On May 16th, /r/startrek Reddit user /u/GoldRobin shared a set photo from the upcoming series. Later linked to the “TestOut Corporation” twitter page – @TestOutCorp – it was found that the feed had TWO photos of the set, both with Stewart wearing the same black ensemble from the Upfront footage. In one photo, he is surrounded by a crowd of people – several sporting Starfleet uniforms. In the other, he appears to be in a conversation with a young woman.

Be sure to head over to PriorityOnePodcast.com to trek out the show notes for links to the photos and video discussed!

Star Trek: Discovery’s Cast Talk About Why Picard is Great

Continuing the excitement, Star Trek Captain – Alex Kurtzman – and his crew talk about what makes The Enterprise Captain – Picard – such a legend.

In a “Star Trek” Youtube video, Kurtzman said of Picard //QUOTE//Captain Picard – in some ways he is the ultimate captain, and he is the ultimate captain because of his incredible decency, because of his incredible thoughtfulness, because he was always human – fundamentally – in the choices that he made even when the pressure was really really high.//END QUOTE//

Mary Wiseman, commented on Sir Patrick’s ability saying //QUOTE//Patrick Stewart, is just one of our greatest living actors. That’s so cool the coming together of Patrick Stewart’s training and […] old school Royal Shakespeare Company gravitas. And the combination of that and this sort of […] mythological franchise that is Star Trek – the coming together of that is so special.//END QUOTE//

Finally, Wilson Cruz spoke of Picard’s importance in todays world, saying //QUOTE//In this moment we are all looking anywhere and everywhere we can for true signs of leadership, and I think Picard is a great model for that.//END QUOTE//

For a link to the video, Trek out the show notes.

For Sale: One Giant Enterprise.

If you had the opportunity to buy a trailer sized Constitution Refit Enterprise-A, would you? Toronto-area Public Relations Ceo Bill Doern would – and he did. But I suppose some context is necessary.

On May 11th, /r/Funny Reddit user /u/AwokenGames posted a photo of the trailer-sized-star-ship with the title “Things you see walking around the neighbourhood.”. It didn’t take long before it hit Twitter, where it spread like tribbles. The seller, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that he was a contractor who once worked in the Richmond Hill SilverCity Cineplex. He towed home the “Decommissioned” ship for FREE telling Toronto Life //QUOTE//I just didn’t want to throw it in the trash, that’s all […] I had it on my trailer for a while there, but I needed the trailer, so I put the ship on my lawn.//END QUOTE//

On May 12th, the Enterprise-A was purchased by the aforementioned Bill Doern for $600. Doern tweeted about his new treasure – with photos – and told Toronto Life //QUOTE//I’m a huge fan of Star Trek […] I’d like it to be accessible for people to see it and get close to it//END QUOTE//


by Anthony Cox


In Star Trek Online and Gaming News we welcome very special guest Al “Captain Geko” Rivera, Lead Designer for Star Trek Online!

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