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402 – Our Third 400th | Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

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We are finally wrapping up our 400th celebrations with the last (but not least) of our interviews from Cryptic Studios. Anthony, Elijah and Kenna are taking a much-needed break from our regular content this week, so grab a raktajino, sit back and enjoy. This week, it’s Star Trek Online’s environment artists, then the QA team, and finally the producers.

We’ll be back next week with our normal show…picking up with news from the Star Trek Multiverse in Trek It Out, and with with our review of Discovery’s Season 2, Episode 7, titled “Light and Shadows” in our On Screen segment. We’ll also check hailing frequencies because we want to hear all of your feedback from our 400th celebrations and interviews.

Upcoming events from The Roddenberry Podcast Network

  • Larry Nemecek from The Trek Files will be attending Big Apple Comic Con in New York City on March 9 & 10
  • A little further ahead, Kenna will be appearing at WonderCon with Larry Nemecek, and Ken Ray from Mission Log, Saturday March 30 in Anaheim, California
  • And of course, if you’re in the LA area, join Larry and John Champion at the Impro Theatre in Los Feliz every other Friday, where they get together with other Trek fans for a Discovery viewing party – sometimes they even have special guests!

For more information on those events, be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels, and we hope to see you there!

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Elio is a Northern New Jersey Cuban-American and graduate of Kean University, having earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance in 2011. He has performed in internationally renowned performance halls such as Avery Fisher Hall with the New York Philharmonic, as a member of the Westminster Symphonic Choir, and in Beijing, China as a representative for Kean University. Since 2012, he has had the wonderful opportunity to Executive Produce Priority One – the premiere Star Trek Online podcast. Whether recruiting, managing the global team of talented volunteers, arranging interviews with special guests, editing, web-development, finding sponsors, managing crowd funding, or writing content for the podcast, Elio has a hand in it all. A long-time Trekkie, Elio has been watching the series since he was a child and sneaking in late night, back-to-back, episodes of TNG reruns. He finally embraced the Trekdom in college and spent many hours catching up on the entire multiverse…. instead of studying.

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  1. Shijuro on 2019-03-05

    I enjoy Star Trek Online, and would really like to see them add Endeavors that involve going around the player’s ship — I played STO for months before I realized I could actually look around my ship and interact with my crew there. It’s a wonderful bit of immersion that could easily be missed (and we rarely have any reason to do it).

    I’d also like to see some work on standardization of the human-computer interface. For instance, three different ways to leave the vicinity of a planet: Depart System button (when available), and/or “Warp to Sector” or “Contact Traffic Control”/”Return to Sector Space”, etc. The worst is when dialog buttons jump from lower right to center of the screen, like “Disable Tractor Beam” swapping places with “Mission Details” — you go to disable the tractor and end up with the mission dialog filling the screen, and have to click out before you can attempt the tractor thing again.

  2. seannewboy on 2019-03-04

    Big shout out for Gameprint, love my 12″ custom Morrigu.

    Wonderful show everyone, Many thanks to the Cryptic Devs.

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