395 – The Big Romulan Bang | Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

We’re Trekking Out the news that there are even more Star Trek shows in the works than we previously thought, and Alex Kurtzman gives us concrete details about the setting of the Picard series, due out later this year. Anson Mount and Ethan Peck are discussing their upcoming roles as Pike and Spock, and it’s looking like the fourth Kelvin Timeline movie has been shelved.

In Star Trek Online and gaming news, there are some changes coming to the Crystalline Catastrophe featured TFO, and we have the first details for the Ninth Anniversary update.

In our On Screen segment, we’re discussing the latest Short Trek: “The Escape Artist”, and as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages!


  • How do you think the destruction of the Romulan Empire will affect the Picard Series?





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  • alt_example

    MGx January 14, 2019 at 1:05 am - Reply

    random trek

  • alt_example

    seannewboy January 14, 2019 at 9:10 am - Reply

    Perhaps they can give the stat bonus’ from the endeavor system a limited time of usage, like some of odd items they put in the rom rep, or the lobi ship holograms. That way people like Elijah would still get full use of them.

    cq) Well for one it will add tons of automatic drama. The romulan economy will be in freefall, many new power struggles will be started. All of that is just internally. Then you will have the fleet, or what is left of it, trying to hold off the klingons, as well as others.

    Wonderful show everyone.

  • alt_example

    Tyler Maxwell January 15, 2019 at 12:53 am - Reply

    Hiya P1 crew!

    I’d imagine that the destruction of Romulus in the Picard show would go very much like it does in STO: AFAIK, the key thing really propping up the Romulan Star Empire was the strength of their military and authoritarian structures, like the Tal Shiar, keeping their people in check. With their homeworld gone (and most of their government, economic, and military systems with it), the Empire would likely fracture, with different factions allying themselves with various strongman leaders (see: Sela), jockeying for ultimate power while damaging the lives of anyone caught in the crossfire. So, lots of civil war, unrest, refugees, maybe a planet or two trying to leave the Empire and join the Federation, etc. On the sidelines though, there might be a more progressive group of folks, let’s call them the “Reunificationists”, trying to forge a new path for themselves and the Romulan (and maybe Reman?) people, though their success is not guaranteed in that landscape. I’m sure a certain Ambassador Jean-Luc Picard would love to have a chat with them. 😉

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