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This week we’re Trekking Out rumors of yet another Star Trek spin-off series in the works starring everyone’s favorite Section 31 operative, question mark, Michael Chabon is sharing more behind the scenes details on the upcoming Picard series, and a Star Trek acting alum was just inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame

In Star Trek Online and gaming news, Age of Discovery is now available for console players and we finally get to see some gameplay footage of the newly announced mobile game, Star Trek: Fleet Command.

In our On Screen segment, we’re dissecting the latest Star Trek Short Trek: Calypso…

And as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages!



  • Would you like to see a Georgiou series? Would you prefer it be Emperor Georgiou, or Captain Georgiou?





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2 Comments ON " 390 – Funny Faces | Priority One: A Roddenbe... "
  • alt_example

    seannewboy November 19, 2018 at 11:10 am - Reply

    cq) Emperor for the win, big time.I think it would be awesome to have a show on tv, star trek or not, that is all about an evil success story. Start before emperorhood, and then transition to keeping the crown and your head.

    Kenna is not up on her memes, dont say “fight me”, say “change my mind”.

    Wonderful show everyone, including the “new”/”old” guy?

  • alt_example

    Tyler Maxwell November 20, 2018 at 12:27 am - Reply

    “Calypso”: WHAT. THE. HELL. When I first heard ‘dude alone on the ship a thousand years into the future’ plot of the episode, I was not expecting the dude to just end up holo-dancing on the bridge to Gershwin showtunes with a fem-puter that really, REALLY wanted a boyfriend. Is it me, or did that all seem completely pointless? (Unless the point was to make the execs at Paramount Pictures happy by using some random reel from their film vault.) And if the ship was really ordered to stay put and watch the same spot of random space for a thousand years, wouldn’t it have been running low on fuel at some point, making the indulgence in replicating everything from musical cosplay to Taco Tuesday samplers rather impractical? WHAT. THE. HELLLLLLL. (*Nerd Rage Cycle Complete*)

    I’d be alright with a Georgiou Trek series. I don’t necessarily NEED a Georgiou-joins-Section 31 series, but I’m ok with one existing. There just isn’t enough to the character yet, either Captain or Evil Emperor version, to really get me excited for her having her own show. Part of the problem for me is I think later interpretations of Section 31 (which was MUCH more interesting in DS9) have watered it down into yet another corrupt Black Ops government program, ala the Bourne movie series, etc. (#IBlameJJ) Maybe the Discovery/new Trek show writers could turn that around, give the group some more intrigue and nuance, without necessarily making them ‘good guys’; an interesting counterpoint to the franchise’s usual Starfleet ‘boy/girl scouts’. But I wonder if that ship has already sailed. (#IStillBlameJJ)

    P.S. Reading the interview article links with Chabon, it’s painfully obvious in hindsight that the episode was meant to be an homage to Homer’s Odyssey, specifically the part where the main character, Odysseus, is trapped on an island for 7 years, kept there by a nymph by the name of Calypso (helpful hint: the name of the episode is “Calypso”. Yup.) who had fallen in love with him, but then he eventually makes her set him free so he can finally go back home to his wife and kid. So the episode made no sense with the rest of Trek, ‘cuz it was never meant to. (*Nerd Rage Intensifies*)

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