372 – Take Me Out to Risa | Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

This week, the Kelvin timeline actors are doing the rounds, stirring up rumors about Star Trek 4, and visiting fans. Star Trek: Discovery makeup artists Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page made one young Trek fan’s wish come true, and soon YOU could tour the sets of Discovery yourself! Maybe.

In Star Trek Online news, the summer event is upon us and we’ve got more details of the finale episode of Expansion 4 “Victory is Life”.

Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages.




  • What are your thoughts on the final episode of Star Trek Online’s Expansion 4: “Victory is Life”?


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4 Comments ON " 372 – Take Me Out to Risa | Priority One: A ... "
  • alt_example

    Berthulf June 29, 2018 at 7:14 pm - Reply

    Hi guys,

    Well, to jump straight to the CQ, my only thought is that I cannot wait for it to hit console!

    That’s the sum total of my thoughts on any and all parts of X4. I understand why we have to wait, but damn if it isn’t the hardest part of transitioning to console from PC. #SoFarBehind

    Anyway, a genuine thank you, for yet another 38 minutes of joy listening to you all ramble about my first love. Love all you guys!

    P.S. Did anybody notice that the Dominion winner for the STO poster comp spelled Dominion wrong on their poster? #DomInionDomOnion

    • alt_example

      Elijah June 30, 2018 at 6:48 pm - Reply

      Hi Berthulf!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! We really love hearing from you!!! <3 -Elijah

  • alt_example

    ChiyoUmiku June 30, 2018 at 9:11 pm - Reply

    Okay sit down, crew. I got a few ups and downs on this one. Lets start with the ups. The hur’q hit fast and hard ground and space and being able to help rescue founders was amazing. and ***SPOILER ALERT*** Seeing the end of Dukon’Rex actually brought a tear to my eye. He really did care about preserving the alliance and friends made. Even listening to Odo you can hear sadness in his voice. And Omg, When Al Rivera said “We heard him shout QA’PLA!” down the hallway” and than Getting to hear those in game made me tickled pink. And Odo and Kira, seeing that develoment continue as if it was the show still, that was well acted. I’d like to think they were in the voice booth together doing that. Also Quark you coniving…hero? Love the house of Quark reference. Oh can I just speculate that Dax will be joining the STO Family Soon?

    Now onto a biiiiig gripe of mine and it’s on the Hurq Dreadnought. So I goofed and died. But it respanwed me forwards in a hallway between two groups of enemies and my boffs started attacking the wrong ones. I had to kite and run the little guys and respawn 5 times to clear that section. Might want to take a look at that hallway.

  • alt_example

    @DConescu July 2, 2018 at 5:46 am - Reply

    Hey P1!

    I enjoyed the final episode, “Home”, but it was a fairly predictable story. I’m going to try to dodge spoilers here, but… I was pretty annoyed when Weyoun showed up. But, I was annoyed at his actions and not the VO performance. Combs always brings his A-game. The story was pretty well done though, all-things considered. I did cringe though when Martok made reference to something I was not expecting.

    Unrelated note about Expansion 4: I noticed that when you level up to 65, enemies hit harder and take longer to die than before. But the damage scaling is a bit skewed. I feel like the difference between mk xiv and xv is WAY more significant than xiii to xiv. It’s near impossible to beat certain missions now unless you upgrade gear to-, at the very minimum, Mark XIII. Budget builds now require upgrades, so that seems a bit off, imo. However, it would be nice if mission reward gear upgraded for free to Mk XIII, as that might help remedy that issue.

    PS. The show is always fun and P1 remains the 1 podcast I always listen to as soon as it goes up. Keep up the good work! The shows are always on-point.

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