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219 – Gorns & Things | Priority One: A Star Trek News Podcast

Elijah April 27, 2015 28 11

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Greetings, Admirals! You’re listening to EPISODE 219 OF PRIORITY ONE PODCAST, the premier Star Trek Online podcast! This episode was recorded on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 and made available for download on Monday, April 27th, 2015 at!

This week Star Trek meets the Wild West & Steampunk with Airship Enterprise – a graphic novel that we’ll Trek Out with its creator. In STONews we’re joined by Star Trek Online’s Lead Designer Al Captain Geko Rivera to talk about Season 10, which hit last Tuesday. Later we open Hailing Frequencies for your incoming messages.



This week’s Community Question:

  •  Season 10 is now LIVE! How far along have you progressed and what do you think about the content?

Let us know YOUR thoughts by commenting below!


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Elio is a Northern New Jersey Cuban-American and graduate of Kean University, having earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance in 2011. He has performed in internationally renowned performance halls such as Avery Fisher Hall with the New York Philharmonic, as a member of the Westminster Symphonic Choir, and in Beijing, China as a representative for Kean University. Since 2012, he has had the wonderful opportunity to Executive Produce Priority One – the premiere Star Trek Online podcast. Whether recruiting, managing the global team of talented volunteers, arranging interviews with special guests, editing, web-development, finding sponsors, managing crowd funding, or writing content for the podcast, Elio has a hand in it all. A long-time Trekkie, Elio has been watching the series since he was a child and sneaking in late night, back-to-back, episodes of TNG reruns. He finally embraced the Trekdom in college and spent many hours catching up on the entire multiverse…. instead of studying.

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  1. Enahs Dax on April 28, 2015

    Another great episode. I love that sector walls have come down. now i am not spending time moving between sectors. More time moving around. I find myself flying to location more and using less trans warps, the only time i use them now is to get to the other quadrants.

    Doffing would be a great thing to update. With Pilot, Intel, and Command boffs now active; I would love to see doffs to help support them.

    While I support the change of allowing players to select there mods on crafted material; the Dev team needs to look at all of the mods that no one wants and make them more desirable.

    Love the new queues, Herald Sphere is little buggy, I also recognized that ship kills in Gates of Gre’thor Advance is not rewarding SP or XP points. I have not tried or checked the other queues or difficulty levels.

    I support a skill tree revamp, there are some skills that don’t make since in this game. How does a ship captain effect hull and shield health and reistance. Also some skill cost way to much skill points for the ability, like Photonic Shockwave.

    I would love to see Cryptic do something about alts and Spec points. I have 9 alts, I usually spend money to keep these alts in good ships and well equipped. Now these toons are falling way behind. I would of bought the Command and Epic ship packs if I was able to keep these toons up to speed. I recommend Cryptic look into sharing all spec points across the account; so every time a toon/character earns one it is earned account wide. Cryptic lost money from me because of this bad game mechanic, instead of $120 for both packs they got 30 for one ship.

  2. seannewboy on April 28, 2015

    Yo Al, hows it hangin! As for repointing doors, i would not mind the Omega task force location being worked on. I’m not sure your comments on ships tieing in to the story is helpful. Gorn clothing, not really, they just have bare skin options. The in ship doff missions do not pay enough out to be worthy of the extra zone changes required, thats why people did not like them.

    Al please give the whole team a hearty thank you for all of the wonderful work on the Delta Recruit program. By the way are we going to get extra’s in future missions for them, even if no special rewards?

    Wonderful show everyone.

  3. seannewboy on April 28, 2015

    p.s. done the 2 missions, but still working on delta recruits so no queues yet.

  4. QuePan on April 28, 2015

    Salutations P1 , Its always nice hearing from the Lead Lizard,(though Al should know the difference between the skills in the tree.) As for the S10 content, the featured episodes are fun though I like the first mission better than the second. The PVE Queues are interesting and engaging. I enjoy the new sector space ,(though i wish Slipstream would last longer.)
    Great show and very informative as always .look forward to next weeks episode .

  5. Prof. Dr. Zarek on April 28, 2015

    Jumping on the SCi Vessel don’t sell as this is a discussion for the last 3 Years at least and got a lot of heat with the so called SCi revamp a Year or now Two ago.

    SCi Vessel as such do not have any spot they are supposed to fill as Al a thousand times all ready stated the game has no holy trinity and every and each content is supposed to be finished in every Ship.

    From there we go further SCi vessel have a view special mechanics that are supposed to bridge the gap but either are to clunky or not worthwhile most of the time to even be used in the first place everyone that kills a Dreadnought typ ship faster then a bunch of Frigates knows what problems SCi vessel face.

    Space SCi Powers are like the Ship and after all the make up the majority of the BOff station slot complete out of proportion.

    If you fly a Escort and slot just two copies of a energy weapon buff power attack patterns and maybe Tactical Team that you virtually can keep up all the time without the need to think about if it is useful now or you should hold back until it really gets bad.
    But then you sit in a SCi Vessel that has to work with powers that have three times the cooldown times either have no actual damage component at all or minimal at best use to have the same uptime like TAC powers for the said three times as high cooldown can’t be sloted twice as either it makes no sense or the rank makes it impossible you realise not just the SCi vessel is the problem but Space Science in general.

    Going again somewhat further still there might be arguing that SCi is one of the most powerful options in PvP but well PvP is about team effort coordination and force multiplying where a single SCi vessel and it’s powers performs underwhelming stacking certain powers and circumventing cooldowns and or low Effect strenghts agin you see the problem as Al did more then once mention most People play STO solo so why has a Ship like SCi vessel to be underperforming compared to Escorts and Cruiser?

    Another blow to the gut did happen with the SCi power refresh when a bunch of SCi powers got modified the way that they benefit less on the upper end of AUX power and skill points invested resulting in Escorts at the time to be actualy the better SCi vessel.

    A more recent change was that every content should reward equal to the time spend so if i can blow through missions, ques or patrols in just a 5th of the time in a Escort or Crusier i still do not get 500% modifier for EXP and Dili in a SCi Vessel.

    But some might ow think there are Videos on Youtube with SCi vessels hitting 100k DPS ofcourse there are but those are edgecase scenarios with specific layed out BOff powers tailored to fit the weakspot of the encounter a luxury you don’t have the need for in a Escort or Cruiser.
    Plus on several levels they even abuse or break the game mechanic in a way that the system has not been intended to be.

    For SCi vessels to be attractive a purchase a view things would have to chance more weapon slots more power level a standard Cryptiv loves hangarbay with only useable on SCi vessel pets.
    A rework of the Space Power pool reducing cooldowns increasing the strenght adding more AoE Damage Powers or make the existing ones actualy comparable to TAC ones.
    Adding Weapon buffing powers that either cause dots, debuffs or cleans effects.
    Replace the Target subsystem and put a Item based mechanic in place instead that is the opposite of the Cruiser COMM array something like dampening fields that do affect enemy or Team cooldowns, defence, resists or even cause dots to everything hostile in range.

    Long speech short answer make SCi vessels Space Wizards or Ninjas whatever and keep your Warrior Hunter playstyle for Escorts and Cruiser we allready have Warlocks sort of with Carrier and their pets.

    And as i know Elio loves to always reply SCi Vessel are supposed to be support they don’t need to do Damage.
    M8 there is no such thing as Holy Trinity there is no content other then maybe PvP that needs dedicated Support/Heal all the game is yelling for is Damage all Day so why have SCi vessel to be stuck in this loop when even Al every time he is on the show clearly says we do not have a Holy Trinity and that’s a design decission but SCi Vessel and even SCi Cpt’s are often shoehorned into this role?

    So take a sip of fresh hot strong Coffee reclassify SCi Vessel to Recon/Exploration Vessel like for example the Intrepid happend to be one and what Janeway actual mission was in the Pilot to gather Intel on the Marque and possibly Intercept and apprehend any they encounter.

    For the Love of Spock i am a SCiENCE Captain not a Doctor Jim!

    Live long and broadcast.

    • Enahs Dax on April 28, 2015

      Prof. Dr. Zarek,
      Well i agree with most of what you are saying. Nos science captains don’t have to be all about AOE damage to rival tacs, but powers need to work. When was the last time you seen scrabble sensors used much less work. I this power was changed so AOE was bigger based on aux power it would be great. Another big down side of science ship captains is we have to put more skill points into skills that other ships don’t need but still have fill the same skills that cruisers and escorts use to be effective.

      This is one reason I support a skill revamp. Captain skills should not effect things like shield and hull strength. I also don’t support the idea of Attack Pattern Alpha buffing non -weapon damage.

      • Prof. Dr. Zarek on April 29, 2015

        Indeed having SCi powers work would be a start from wich to actualy start seeing what the underlying issues are.

        In case of SSx actualy the power does work but is not behaving like advertised like all SCi powers if it is a Player used ne.

        The Range does not scale properly and the traveltime and triggring delay does not help either so that more often then not a target that is still supposed to be in the AoE blast is actualy not.

        Ontop of that the first hit on a SSx target allready cleares the debuff as it is way to fragile or the resist is way to high in the firstplace that a target has less time endure the debuff then the power effect take to travel to it in the first place.

        So does this mean SSx is all broken?
        In Leymans term yes from a technical standpoint no the associated system rules are hindering the powers to be effective something that is like a Red herring through all the SCi power pool.

        Take for example Tachyonbeam one of the most recent power that got finaly some love.
        The cd reduction actualy is great and it almost is capable of doing a dent on a targets shield on normal singleplayer difficulty if you fully cap out the Flowcap skill.
        If someone spends as much skillpoints in a universal weapon buffing skill it does not make almost a dent in the shields on sayed difficulty but is mopping up the floor with it.

        You pointed out well if you do want to have even remote stronger SCi power you have to spend so much more skillpoint in mid to top rank skills in addition to all the other essentials skills that are the only ones for example Escort and Cruiser pilots need to send into.

        And even then to add insult to injury no matter how much skillpoints you spend into those powers don’t scale in a noticable way anyway and are with just a minimum of counter skill ranks negated that it is laughable.

        But the Story does not end here at some point in the past AUX scaling was adjusted for some more frequent used powers (GW anyone) to favor medium AUX levels as most effect benefical totaly favoring Escorts with LCdr SCi stations and none A2B Crusier with the same.

        And there w go again so one mechanic that could workaround the long SCi power cooldowns actualy is locking you out of AUX power and takes away the option to use SCi at all but hey TAC and ENG that are hurt by long CD powers so bad can make use of it as they are in no way (ENG has AtSiF/AtKiDmp) harmstriged.

        So what do we have we can pay 30$ for a T6 command Crusier and another 30% for T6 Intel Escort to unlock Ship masteries to even remote get the same effect and of course the later is only a option if you a FED toon no option for REP or KDF toons.

        So why have SCi Vessel Cpt’s no matter if they ENG, SCi or TAC to pay premium to just getting close to what Escorts and to a degree Cruisers can do right out of the Box?

        Why do have SCi Vessel Cpt’s to be actualy trying to fight the system and exploiting, breaking, abusing systems to be as good as a Escort or Cruiser Cpt?

        Does this sound like a rant, maybe.
        The time for flowery words is past Cryptic is causing the missing revenue they could get from SCi vessel themself because they prefer to hold up a status quo they preach does not exist in the game.

        So yes please all you beautiful People in Systems you could change it if you just stop ignoring/pushing it back for some other quick buck nonsense (lockbox gimmicks anyone) that break the meta even further.

  6. Eldarion79 on April 29, 2015

    I agree with one of the community responses. Outside the two episodes and the three STFS, the atmosphere of the game does not feel like we are in a war against Iconians.

    I would love to see recruiting posters, casualty lists, more armed security at transporters, and of course the anti-war protesters.

  7. Kathos27 on April 30, 2015

    When gecko Was talking about how the Lobi store shouldn’t have come along,and how something that should have come to the gpl store vs the Lobi store i had a thought. Perhaps they could introduce either a GPL-> Lobi exchange sinular to the Dil->Zen exchance, or Lobi boxes to the GPL store. now im thinking of a fare exchange rate. at least a 500:1. That way you still had to work for it. perhaps alittle higher even.

  8. GavinRuneblade on May 2, 2015

    You know what makes me sad? When Gecko was talking about doffs it showed none of you three (or he) play romulans. Because he said that when doff missions come up people don’t get excited to see the rare ones, AND YOU ALL AGREED WITH HIM.

    Romulan players all get excited to see the recruit romulan boff or reman boff missions. Every time. We log into multiple alts just to try and get that rare mission. When we get it, we not only suee, we invite every other romulan player on our friends list to our bridge so they can get it too.

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