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Greetings, Admirals! You’re listening to EPISODE 213 OF PRIORITY ONE PODCAST, the premier Star Trek Online podcast! This episode was recorded on Thursday, March 12th, 2015 and made available for download on Monday, March 16th, 2015 at!

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This week we Trek Out the start of celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek in 2016 — so you’re going to want to start marking your calendars and setting Google Alerts! In Star Trek Online News we give our thoughts on the recent Delta Recruitment announcement. Cookie gives you a review of upcoming special events, Jayce addresses event fatigue. We’ll keep Tracking those DEVs so that you stay informed of special posts related to the game. Finally, before we wrap the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages!


This week’s Community Question:

  • Are you going to take advantage of the Delta recruitment? What are your thoughts?
  • What do you think about event fatigue? Is an event each week too much for you and your playstyle, or can you manage to participate in anything Star Trek Online has to throw at you?

Let us know YOUR thoughts by commenting below!


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14 Comments ON " Priority One Podcast 213 | Recruitment Rap "
  • alt_example

    The_Grand_Nagus March 16, 2015 at 7:08 am - Reply

    The recruitment event sounds pretty interesting, and I plan to make a delta recruit for each faction.

    Also, I think “event fatigue” is really just “lack of self control”. Events are completely optional, and no one is going to make you fly your shuttle or fight the crystaline entity if you dont want to. If people feel like they “have” to do every event, that “problem” is only in their mind.

  • alt_example

    wardcalis March 16, 2015 at 9:31 am - Reply

    Cryptic has been promising Alt love. And so far they haven’t delivered on that. I already have 6 characters that are level 50+ and I have 6 others between levels 20 and 40. I played all of them fairly regularly until Delta Rising and now I only play my main while occasionally doffing on my alts.

    I feel that the Promised Alt love should have been introduced before this Delta Recruit system. Since they haven’t announced the full system yet I have hopes it will have much alt love. But in some respect I initially felt the Delta Recruit system was a slap in the face. The term ‘exclusive’ was thrown around way too much. I spent hundreds of dollars on my main alone not to mention my army of alts and the thought I could only use the benefits on 1 character put a bad taste in my mouth. Since it will be account wide I’ll probably make a Delta Recruit.

    As for event fatigue. I don’t like the crystalline style events where you have to log on every single day to get said item. It drives me crazy. I would much prefer it be like the anniversary event with the big starting boost that can be rolled over for the next event. And speaking of that I wish all events like this used the same currency crystalline,winter,summer,mirror etc. That way if one comes along we don’t really care about we can just skip it and roll over that currency without having to wait a year.

    P.S. I need to talk to you about that Trek Tech segment thing.

  • alt_example

    Zoberraz March 16, 2015 at 10:28 am - Reply

    For the DR recruitment event, I’ll thinking I’ll partake. I just don’t know what I’ll play yet. I already thought, with 4 characters, that I had too many character.

    Considering my Klingon Alt is a very basic level 50, I may just go and delete him in favor of creating a new character. Then again, I’m not very keen on playing KDF side.

    As for Event Fatigue… I think what bothers me the most is one time events.

    When Guild Wars 2 first came out, I loved the game… and I played it at a slow/casual pace, exploring the world, smelling the flowers, going for 100% map exploration. I was in no hurry to level up.

    But then, they had these more world changing events, like the first Halloween venue, that had this tone of “you should rush and play it or you’ll miss out forever!” which… disenchanted me.

    I felt pressured to play. A little too much to my liking. It made me drop the game to playing very rarely, peeking in on patches to see how were things like before disinterest set in.

    It took me a year to really get into Guild Wars 2 again.

    STO’s events are not so bad because they at least allow you to revisit something you missed on the same year if you want.

    Or at least it mostly does, except for the Anniversary and Crystaline Catastrophe events.

    As a 5-year lifetimer, I’ll admit I don’t like missing out on something due to circumstances or simply lack of awareness (if I end up on STO break – it happens “diversity is the spice of life”).

  • alt_example

    TobiasLTF March 16, 2015 at 11:26 am - Reply

    I will also create one character per faction just to get the traits while they are available even though I rarely use my romulan or klingon. I understand that with the server wide reward structure, new characters would have to be used. Still would have been nice to not limit it to new characters only.

    I think the current event schedule is fine. Like Nagus said, it’s not like they are forcing you to play the content. Participation is optional. There are plenty of events I haven’t participated in either because the reward(s) aren’t necessary to me, or I simply don’t have time. There will always be more events to participate in down the road. No need to stress over “having” to do something, it is a game after all.

  • alt_example

    Decker73 March 16, 2015 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    I’m excited about the Delta recruitment event. I already have many characters that I play regularly, and I love anything involving account unlocks, so this sounds like it plays perfectly into my play style. I think this would have been the perfect time to introduce the “Alt your Boff” feature they’ve been talking about for years. I also hope that the upcoming Iconian war involves the ability to promote your Bridge Officers to Captain to give them command of the ships in your garage. Several years ago one of the developers mentioned that this was a possible plan for when we finally went toe to toe with the Iconians.

    I don’t mind the frequency of events. I did find it a bit annoying last Friday when the Crystalline Entity overlapped with Hearts and Minds and I had to decide which one to do, but as long as they give us a week or two between the long events I feel I have time to get everything in order for the next one. I really miss Q’s handy Transwarp directly to Earth Space Dock and First City.

  • alt_example

    Sunseahl March 16, 2015 at 6:10 pm - Reply

    Unlike much of the complaining out there about the recruitment event I find fault in it, not from a leveling prospective, but what I term the “brick wall effect.” leveling 1-50 is a breezing experience that you can miss if you’re not paying attention, i fully admit that and even to 60 you may see a smoother ride than older players…

    Sadly once you hit 50 you hit several brick walls all at once. The first and most glaringly obvious is the reputation system. from /any/ perspective, and even with sponsorship tokens, trying to level an alt, again, though several reputations is tedious. It means you have to replay hyper-specific content that not everyone else plays or /only/ plays when there’s an event(I’m looking at you Romulan stuff)

    Gaining marks in many of the reputations is easy save for a few. There is simply not enough people running some of the queues at all which makes leveling a toon though reputation for specific gear more than a grind.

    The second brick wall is the problem with STFs and their rewards for a player. STFs were created to reward players for playing the content much like a raid in any MMO and in recent months we’ve seen a complete rework of these missions to cater to a select few who want a harder, more dangerous challenge. Sadly Cryptic carried over an antiquated reward system into this new harder tier play system so instead of throwing a bone to the meta players they threw the whole ham-hock causing the causal and newer players to begin playing a loosing game of Pomeranian chases Great Dane…

    It was a mistake to continue to demand that players /have/ to play the advanced queues to get the tokens needed for reputation items because it means that the advanced queues, which devs have admitted would be much harder than before, will be more than difficult to complete for a fresh level 50-60 than someone who had previous time in the old system as a level 50 character.

    It should have been a compromise from the start that /all/ these new queues offered their respective reputation tokens and just in higher amounts based on the tier of play. 1 for normal, 2 for advanced, and maybe 3 for elite…

    As for a discussion about event Fatigue… I said for the longest tiem that when cryptic removed the hourlies they were going to reintroduce that particular content as new “events.” It was easier, to me, when i could play when i wanted to play STO because I knew what hourly was going on when… Bonus Marks? extra Crafting mats? Mirror invasion? hell ya… i could play for a solid three hours on some decent, helpful content….

    But now the system is “run this thing for x days,” “get x special reward,” “Use x special reward,” ” tell people who missed the event how awesome x special reward is,” “forget that people who missed out on x special reward can no longer slot the project for x special reward, but keep telling them to slot it and wait for the next event anyway.”

    It not only gets frustrating for players who miss fairly decent content rewards that they can’t get them, but it also creates a faster burn out for casual players like me who now “have” to log in ever day to run the mission “for the thing.” I’ve gotten to the point where I play STO as little as possible just because I can’t stand having to keep doing the same thing over and over every 20 hours just because the mission/event goes away for 3 months to a year. It’s something that makes me want to go play other games like Firefall or EvE Online and just abandon STO entirely.

  • alt_example

    Eklinaar March 16, 2015 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    I somewhat agree about event fatigue. My biggest complaint is that if I miss an event, there’s no way for me to get that item again. Sometimes it’s a really good item like the Zefram Cochrane Shotgun or the Breen Sarr Theln Carrier. There should be ways to get these items after the events, or at least the option to get it at the next event. I missed the Mirror Invasion in 2013 and I have never been able to get Mirror Hakeev. I was not able to choose that as a reward in 2014.

  • alt_example

    Mike Millette March 16, 2015 at 8:15 pm - Reply

    That Movie Tone News-ish Delta Rising recruit piece that Elijah did should be banned. I was driving home from work while lisrening and laughed so hard I almost drove into a ditch. On second thought, it’s probably not so bad at least I still would have been laughing while I was in the ditch!!

  • alt_example

    Marcase March 17, 2015 at 5:50 am - Reply

    Agree with Jayce with his comments on event fatigue. With so many *must do* events you barely get time to, you know, actually play the game. There’s also leveling, reputations, R&D crafting, hunting for rare mats and never mind those of us who also have to administer fleets – your daily 2 hours of play time race by!

    Also, too many events take away the MMO part of this MMORPG – many fleeties/friends will be off doing various events and be unable to join up for STFs/raids or just doing a joint mission.

    I do understand that events get’s cheecks in seats (read it’s a cash income for a free2play game) but too many *must play/attend* events pushes players away.

    I’m not a doomsayer; so far Cryptic has done an excellent job of keeping the game alive and interesting – for five years! – and all the doom and gloom that’s often vented on the official forum will blow over and is exagerated. Anyone remember the ****storm with the introduction of lockboxes way back when ?

    So yes, I’ll be rolling a new Delta toon (or two) when that goes live. Especially with the account wide(!) bonuses so far hinted at. I’m looking forward to account/alt love that has been promises, and I have faith Cryptic will deliver – after a patch or two 🙂

    Regarding the vitriolic ‘money grab’ comments; well Cryptic is still a business and I *want* them to make money so they can hire more talent and create more content. So far, again over 5 years, STO has been very generous with free and paid content.

    P-one! Another well done episode. Will you guys be releasing the adventures of the USS Prioritas as a seperate audio file ? Say season 1 the first 10 episodes etc. A well produced show *thumbs up*.

    I’m off, have to vote 😉

  • alt_example

    Jay March 17, 2015 at 8:20 am - Reply

    I will be making one fed and one KDF. With an extra slot we get for the event why not make a new one and try out the event to help in the war. I like seeing events for both advanced players and new players. This will be good for fleets to recruit and to get out to help new players into the game.

  • alt_example

    seannewboy March 17, 2015 at 8:54 am - Reply

    First off i can not believe no one adressed the guest voice in the opening segment, very amusing.

    As to fatigue, i am a completionist (and an altiholic,etc,etc), so yes i am feeling some fatigue. I recently ran 16 characters through dust to dust 3 times each, with 3 of them doing the omega event many more times in addition to that. Now i am finishing up 16 through the mercifully quick ccn. Then i will probably be deleting 2 (or more) of those 16 to have 3 slots for delta recruits. Then we will be having the summer event, although only a couple will do that long term. Amongst all that we have whatever season 10(?) has to offer.

    What an interesting rap at the end of the blooper reel.

    P.S. Any cryptic devs, any chance the ship mastery exp can be tweaked just a lil bit?

    Also can you make the charging bar more visable (more locations) for the crystal catastrophe’s blast, like on the focus status icon area.

    Wonderful show everyone, still voting in the awards for you.

  • alt_example

    Robdmc March 17, 2015 at 10:45 pm - Reply

    I have no problems with delta recruitment in of itself. I Will probably make a toon. The dilithium is not stuck on that character and account wide unlocks only add value to my main. I Was hoping for the Cardassian story arc to be revamped before I make a new toon just to see the games story tied in together smoothly.

    The only problem I have with this is that I do not play the characters I have. I do not want to dump resources into a character when I have other characters I have not increased from level 50 yet. I still haven’t had all my weapons sorted out on my main yet never mind upgrading for an alt. To me its like this. If I am not even at the point of considering a second energy type for my main or a second weapons layout for my main of the same energy type, nevermind my alts, then I do not feel compelled to do anything more with this character beyond leveling it up to 60 and meet the minimum event requirements.

    Whether the game is alt friendly or not isn’t even that big of an issue to me anymore. The only things that are truly not alt friendly are character bound ships. Lets say you have the Astika and you got the supremacy trait. Will you acquire one per character. No. Fleet ships are not alt friendly because they are a per character purchase. The T5u upgrade is alt friendly. The fleet ship modules still aren’t that bad. I have fleet ships on alts.

    The Reputation system is not only alt friendly but it is also lucrative when farming. Think about it this way. If you use the sponsorship token on an alt across all six reputations in 20 days only doing the large daily you will have 169000 dilithium ore that you can transfer to another character.You don’t even have to run queued missions. even a simple patrol mission or one in an adventure zone will get you your daily mark pack with enough marks for about 2 dailies. On top of that you will have at least 750 mark per reputation each for completing the rep that you can turn into more dilithium. The amount of marks required to do one rep with a sponsorship token doing just the dailies is 600 marks. That is more that you get out of it then what you put in.

    The spec tree doesn’t matter to me on my alts. Only level 60 matters. the spec points are bonuses that any toon can acquire. Yes I would like it faster but it is okay. Since the spec abilities are possible for any toon right off the bat I cannot call it alt unfriendly.

    What people are confusing not alt friendly is really a case of not character friendly. This is due to one large gaping hole that was never addressed with delta rising. Where is the mk xiv gear in the stores? When we were level 50 before delta rising we could get Mk xii ultra gear from the fleet store. We could get very rare mk xiv items from the rep store. the modifiers may not be what I want but I could get it. They may not have been the prime modifiers but it was there and it was good enough. With the upgrade system every weapon source remained at mk XII with no new store with MK XIV gear. Where are the purple MK xiv loot drops. Right now if I want Mk XIV items I have to select a mk xii item, aquire resources to craft upgrades. use dilithium to apply them to the item. Then I wait for so much time to complete before I can use the item.

    We need more sources of mk XIV gear before I can justify playing with alts. The current system is too character unfriendly to make me want to load out another toon.

  • alt_example

    Shemrockski March 18, 2015 at 6:32 am - Reply

    As a fellow BSG fan Elijah, I am not sure why all the hate for DS9 ? I used to feel the same way, until I binge watched seasons 5,6 and 7 (for all the ship battles) You said you wanted a linear show like BSG which is exactly what DS9 S5,6&7 was. Am I the only one who feels Patches should come on Tues not Thurs per Star Trek cannon.(ST generations) lol Seriously it would also give them time before peak players log in for the weekend to fix the screw up patches. 🙂 As for events They just need to make Shards and Mirror transports purchasable for lobi same as the summer winter and aniversary items are nuf said. Yes I will make a recruit to try it out been thinking of making a tac rom kdf for awhile now and this is a good time to do so.

  • alt_example

    Admiral Daniel March 18, 2015 at 5:33 pm - Reply

    For the Delta Recuitment event, I’m really excited for it! I’ve been meaning to make a Cardassian toon for a while, and now seems like the perfect time!

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