Welcome Captain,

Let me begin by thanking you for your interest in the Priority One Fleet. This fleet is sponsored by Priority One Productions, LLC, creators of Priority One Podcast and Guard Frequency. As a fleet sponsored by the show we aim to include both the Priority One—and greater Star Trek Online—community and players who are looking for a fully functioning fleet. In that regard we offer two different levels of membership.

Community Membership
Community members are those players who are a fan of the show want want to have the Priority One banner flying over one of their characters. These players have access to Fleet chat and fleet event signups in addition to the global Priority One chat channel and TeamSpeak. There are no participation requirements at this level, however it should be noted that should the Fleet meet capacity we will begin looking at removing players who have been inactive for over a month to make way for active members. Don’t worry, this isn’t a punishment, as we plan to have an overflow fleet available and should you become active again you can merely notify an Officer and we’ll get you reestablished. As the most basic level of membership there is no access to fleet provisions or the fleet bank. Anyone can join at this level provided you agree to represent the Priority One community in a positive light.

Contributing Membership
Contributing members are those members who intend to donate to fleet projects and take a more active role in the fleet. These members qualify for Officer positions and upon making 50,000 Fleet Credits worth of donations to fleet holding projects will receive a promotion to Lieutenant and be given access to provisioned fleet stores and the fleet bank. Like community members a contributing member also has access to fleet chat, fleet event signup, the community TeamSpeak, and the global Priority One chat channel. Contributing members are entitled to have multiple alts in the fleet, however once the fleet reaches 450 members an alt-limited policy will be considered. Such a policy will be enacted in the most fair way possible by the producers of Priority One Podcast and senior fleet leadership, and will likely include the ability to move alts into any overflow fleet that exists. In the event the fleet roster reaches maximum capacity we will review all contributing members and those who have not logged in for 90 days or more will be eligible for removal to make room for active members. Should this occur and a member returns to active status within the game they are eligible to rejoin the fleet, their past contributions will be taken into account, and an officer may invite them to either the primary or overflow fleet dependent upon available roster space at that time.

Joining and Becoming a Contributing Member
Joining the Priority One Fleet is as simple as sending an email to incoming@priorityonepodcast.com with the subject “Fleet Membership.” Notify us of your intent to be a community member or a contributing member, community members need only provide us with the character@handle, and faction, you want the invite to go to. The process for becoming a contributing member is just as easy and requires just three additional pieces of information. In addition to your character@handle and faction, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability:

• What time do you normally play Star Trek Online?
• What are your expectations from a fleet/guild?
• What Star Trek character from the franchise do you most identify with? Why?

What do we have to offer you? A lot! All members of the Priority One Fleet will receive the following benefits:

• Weekly Twitch.tv events sponsored by the stars of Priority One Podcast.
• Friendly and knowledgeable fleet mates willing to lend a hand with content, character builds, and general gameplay questions.
• Weekly fleet PvE events.
• A weekly new player friendly fleet PvP night.
• “Meet and Greet” events for new players.

Rules and Regulations
Of course there has to be some. Don’t worry, they’re relatively painless and most of them are simple common sense. All members, regardless of benefit level, agree to these rules of conduct upon accepting an invite to the Priority One Fleet.

1. Maintain a positive attitude.
2. Respect all players regardless of skill level.
3. Remember that as a member of Priority One you are an in-game billboard for the brand, please behave accordingly and be respectful in all chat channels.
4. “Griefing” will not be tolerated.

We look forward to seeing you in game!

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